Man in luxury appartment Phantom II Bodyfriend Massage Chair White Phantom II Man in luxury appartment Palace II Massage Chair Bodyfriend Palace Man in luxury appartment Lamborghini Bodyfriend Massage Chair LBF-750 Man in luxury appartment Pharaoh II Bodyfriend Chair Pharaoh SII Man in luxury appartment Elizabeth Massage Chair Black and Beige Bodyfriend Elizabeth Man in luxury appartment Captain America Massage Chair Bodyfriend x Marvel Hug chair WELCOME TO THE UNIVERSE OF Bodyfriend When high technology meets the millennial South Korean art of massage, a new experience of well-being opens up to you. An iconic Korean brand, Bodyfriend has pioneered & dominated high tech massage chairs, empowering individuals to live a healthier lifestyle. These massage chairs have many recognised benefits for the body and mind. Discover a new generation of immersive and relaxing treatments.
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Woman sleeping in bed RELAX Patented massage mode which induces sleep with nerve and muscle relaxation
Discover our Rest Mode
Woman working on laptop at desk mental relaxation Improve your concentration and facilitate meditation & mindfulness with binaural beats
Discover our Brain Massage
Hand massage boost Increases blood flow and body fluid throughout the body to enhance its defense system
Discover our Lymphatic Mode
Hand massage recover Relieves key areas of muscular tension in the body post an intense workout.
Discover our Recovery Mode
Hand massage DIGESTION Targets pressure points on the back to support and optimal digestive system.
Discover our Digestive Mode
Hand massage BEAUTIFY Supports your beauty regime, giving you a rejuvenated appearance by boosting oxygen rich blood Discover our Rejuvenation Mode

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