The best tips for creating a real bubble of well-being at home!

bien-être à la maison

 Your home is your place of peace. This is what allows you, after a hard day's work, to get out of the anxieties and daily agitation. It's about getting away from the hassle and being surrounded by the people who love you. It is therefore important to build a real bubble of well-being at home. 

In this article, we share with you the best tips for building a space that suits you and gives you the comfort and relaxation you deserve. 

How to feel good at home? Decorate as you wish!

Today there is a real realization general. After the difficult times we had to go through and being locked up at home for several months, many realized how important it was to set up a pleasant living space.

Decoration stores have seen their numbers increase significantly. And this has a logical reason. According to a study carried out by Kingfisher and the Happiness Research Institute, "73% of people who feel good at home are also happy in life". 

Well-being at home is therefore essential to feel good and thrive on a daily basis.

An interior that suits you 

decorated kitchen worktop

What better way to feel at home than to create a space that suits you. It is no longer a question of finding the trendy decoration that will please those around you, it must suit you. you.

For this, it is important to set up a environment that meets your likes, your mood and above all, your definition of well-being. Install gallery of your relatives or objects that are dear to you, even a memory that can be hideous for the most part, will have all the place near you on a daily basis.

Your interior is your intimitate, you must therefore take care to maintain it in order to feel good about it. 

Create a bubble of well-being at home: a soothing decoration

Even if your layout is based on your own ideas, there are still tips that will allow you to combine both well-being and comfort at your house.  

The main idea is the simplicity. The eye should not be constantly solicited. To feel good at home, it is better to avoid the excess stimulusi for a more environment soothing and more clean

Colors help to feel zen

living room green wall decoration

Your wellness area should provide you with beautiful energies and positive vibes. It helps to cope with everyday life and to release all tension immediately after setting foot in your home.

It must be known that color of your walls plays a big role in your emotional state. Red is known to be quite exciting and stimulating for the nervous system, it is not recommended for a good night's sleep. Likewise, black can bring you negative waves

It therefore has real impacts on your psychological well-being et physical

This is particularly the case with the quality of your sleep. According to a study by Travelodge, it was found that "households that have a blue color scheme in their bedroom get the best night's sleep".

In addition to reducing the blood pressure and heart rate, the color blue is associated with calm

In second place is the yellow which creates “an atmosphere warm et cozy, essential for falling asleep”. Finally, the shiso, well known for its zenitude, comes in third place because it “creates an environment relaxing et soothing which promotes relaxation".

For complete relaxation, we therefore recommend that you choose shades rather clear and full of good positive vibes

Natural light to regulate your body

woman looks out the window

Many tend to underestimate the natural light, yet it has many benefits for your body. The difference between natural light is one that is artificial is based on light spectrum which is much more important for the first.

It has a huge impact on our internal biological clock. Indeed, at night we secrete what is called the melatonin (the sleep hormone) which is then dissipated by the light of early sunrise. 

By opening up your spaces to make room for natural light, you will regulate your body so that he understands what are the moments activity, and those of repos (to have a more restful sleep).

Also, just like colors, light affects your mood and on your inner well-being ! Let's be honest, winter periods are often sadder than summer ones. The night appears earlier and it is often a negative feeling which takes hold of us. 

To create a real bubble of well-being at home and thus be more relaxed, we therefore advise you to opt for natural light.

Designing a wellness area at home

To be at home, organization of your home is going to be important. Between installing your objects that will promote your zenitude and dispersion of the functions of your habitat, nothing should be left out.

Plants to bring good energy

indoor plants

Recognized for their virtues soothing et de-stressing, plants are an essential accessory to bring relaxation and well-being to your home. They bring quick and positive energy to your environment, especially if you live in town!

Moreover, the French program “Phyt'air” has proven that plants can absorb pollutants located in the air in order to transform them into oxygen.

They are therefore a means of purify the air in order to feel good at home and to breathe healthy

To bring again more life to your interior, you could even install a kitchen garden. Gardening has very virtues relaxing and it helps to be in total well-being at home! 

To each room its use!

A space mixing several functions can become disturbing to your mind. This is why we advise you to give each piece its importance. Remove any object that wouldn't fit in a bathroom or bedroom so you could be office

Even in small spaces, a furniture or a difference of color can be used to clearly delineate each function. 

Your entry, for example, must be clearly defined. It's about passage between the outside world and your temple of zenitude. So you have to make sure he scores! The bedroom is your resting place, so there is no room for a sports or bodybuilding machine! 

In addition, do not hesitate to arrange a relaxation area. A place of total relaxation and which is composed only of tools and devices dedicated to your well-being. For total relaxation, this piece must be a moment of happiness fully fledged. Without any negative wave, nor bad chakra.

Thus, to create an environment of well-being at home, it is necessary to:

  • Add a personal touch to feel at home
  • Decorate according to your desires and tastes
  • Create a clean and simple space 
  • Choose soothing colors
  • Maximize natural light
  • Add plants to purify the air
  • Define the functions of each part
  • Create a space for rest and relaxation

Eventually, by following all these tricks, the first thing you'll say to yourself when you get home is "We are at home!".

With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything that surrounds you.