Professional relaxation equipment? The complete list!

Femme se relaxe dans un fauteuil

To stay strong despite your daily activities, your body needs to release tension regularly. This is why we advise you to take care of him by giving him moments of relaxation. Neglecting back pain or heavy legs can have real repercussions on your muscular capacities in the long term. So what to do? What professional relaxation equipment do you need? Here is the complete list of every massage utensil you need! 

1. The professional massage chair

Succeed in healing your body yourself from possible muscle fatigue is not an easy thing, and we know it. This is why we have decided to set up a back massager and your whole body to soothe it. 

Our massage chair meets all your needs in the sense that it allows you to target pain to fix it better. First of all, all our devices are equipped with a automatic body analysis system. Then, and thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, you will be able to benefit from the best of massages thanks to relaxation techniques such as tapping, acupressure, kneading and combined massage

professional massage chair

As if you were in a specialized institute, the mechanism that acts on your body reproduces the exact gestures from the hands of professionals

In addition to this, we have implemented the system zero gravity. This is an ultimate method to discover the absolute serenity through a massage. Thanks to a 170° tilt, enjoy a feeling of complete relaxation and relief of weight and all of your tensions. It's a total relaxation of body and mind.

If you are looking for relaxation equipment, the professional massage chair is a good compromise to relax your body and eliminate all its tensions. This allows you to get a quality and productive massage on all areas of your body. 

2. Professional massage seat

For targeted massages of the of and to relieve at the same time as to relax, the massaging seat professional is a wellness accessory ideal. Usually composed of functions heated ou vibrant, it allows the muscle to relax completely to eliminate any accumulated tension. 

Heat is very effective for relax the nerves. It allows in particular to increase the body temperature to thus accelerate your whole body. Since your body has regenerative abilities, stimulating the body therefore helps to speed up the repair of your body and therefore your muscles.

The massage seat is therefore an excellent professional relaxation equipment because it acts in depth muscle. However, it only targets the dorsal area of ​​your body, if you want to enjoy a moment of well-being in your whole body, it is better to opt for another device. 

3. Hot stones

Possessing real virtues for the body, basalt heating stones have proven their effectiveness over time. Whether to relax or even to purifier the body, the benefits of using this professional massage equipment are real.

basalt heating stones placed on the back of a woman

First, they work by entering your body through heat. As we mentioned a little earlier, heat accelerates the blood circulation and therefore allows us to bring good nutrients to our muscles more quickly so that they can regenerate. 

The heating stones therefore help to repair muscle pain in order to provide your body with a perfect relaxation and total. What you need to know is that they also help to treat certain diseases such as fibromyalgia, insomnia and all the consequences that stress can cause on our body.

Using hot stones can therefore ease tensions and immerse you in a state of complete well-being. The advantage is that the process works over the long term since it stimulates your sleep which is essential to repair the body.

4. Massage guns (or “Massage Gun”)

If you are looking for an effective solution to relieve your tensions, the massage gun helps target the pain on your body. Similar to the technique of tapping, the massage gun makes it possible to reproduce the gestures of pressure real professionals. 

pink massage gun

Accompanied by vibrations, this professional relaxation equipment is very effective in improving blood circulation and promoting reduction of stress. It acts directly on the muscle tissue which helps to completely relax the muscle and eliminate all the nodes. The mind is so relaxed that your body almost fully recovers theequivalent of a night's sleep.

Of course, these are only temporary effects, but you should know that the massage gun offers the same effects as those felt after relaxation with rollers. 

Whether after an intense effort or a workout, the Massage Gun is very easily transportable and can easily be part of your professional massage kit

5. Massage oils 

We often tend to think that what acts on our body is above all thanks to movement. But did you know that the massage oils allow you to amplify the sensations felt by your body? 

Indeed, they have a large number of virtues soothing and so it can enhance the effect of a massage. But you should know that a massage oil is also beneficial for your organisme, your skin and your body in general. 

By infiltrating through your pores, the massage oil therefore helps to hydrate your skin but also to release feel-good hormones in your whole body. The oil in jasmine for example, has benefits therapeutic and provides relaxing and calming effects. It is therefore a feeling of complete relaxation. 

In addition to a massage, essential oils are therefore an excellent professional relaxation material. 

6. Hydromassage bathtubs as professional relaxation equipment

Have you ever felt fully relaxed after bathing in a jet bath? This is perfectly normal. 

Young woman in a hydromassage bath

The hydromassage bathtubs bring new energy to your body while helping it to completely relax. They act through air bubbles which come to exert pressure on the parts of your body suffering from pain. 

This pressure allows relax the muscles and eliminate tensions from your body by targeting them. At the end of this massage, you will feel completely relaxed and much lighter.

But the hydromassage is much more than a wellness massage equipment, it also allows you to strengthen the skin and eliminate the cellulitis.  

Thanks to all these tips, you can finally find the professional massage equipment that suits you. All you have to do is get started!