CES 2022 Innovation Awards

Prix de l'innovation CES 2022

Bodyfriend's Pharaoh O2 offers technological health benefits with a luxurious design

The winner of the CES 2022 Innovation Award, Pharaoh O2, comes from Bodyfriend, a well-known South Korean company in the field of wellness technology, which offers therapeutic massage chairs with a sought-after and original design. The virtues of these Bodyfriend therapeutic massage chairs is to allow users to relax after an exhausting day and relieve muscle mass from pressure and heavy work.

CES 2022 Innovation Award: Bodyfriend's Pharaoh O2 delivers technological health benefits with a luxurious design

CES 2022 Innovation Award-winning product, Pharaoh O2, brings an all-new and improved model of its luxurious therapeutic massage chair. Bodyfriend not only provides office rest, but also wellness technology benefits to enhance overall wellness.

Bodyfriend presented many products at the show, but one device stood out, it is the Pharaoh O2 which was awarded the CES 2022 Innovation Award. This jewel technology of well-being offers more than we think, and it is because the Pharaon O2 is intended for luxury and rest above all.

The Pharaoh O2 brings an XD PRO massage module that helps relieve the user's stress and fatigue. It further brings the therapeutic perineal massage and O2 care capabilities which further promote circulation.

The Innovation Award is a testament to the product's usability and performance, making it the company's best product. However, Bodyfriend also presented the commodity price tests for different products.  

Bodyfriend's CES 2022 Showcase: What's New?

Bodyfriend's CES 2022 showcase brings new merchandise and gives away therapeutic massage chairs.

Who would have thought that therapeutic massage chairs were now intended for wellness technology and no longer just for leisure functions? Bodyfriend is changing that with its launch, as the company is adding to what attracts attention with its products.


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