The device to relieve back pain: the massage chair!

homme assis dans son lit a mal au dos

 How to find the ideal compromise between a massage performed by a professional and comfort? In addition to having real virtues for the body, the massage chair is an effective device for relieving back pain. But how does it affect the body? What are the functions that help to repair back pain? Discover all the secrets of using our Bodyfriend armchairs!

Back pain: where does it come from? 

According to an OpinionWay survey for Vexim (1*), back pain is a pain that has already affected 9 French on 10. Today, "more than ⅓ of French people are very regularly confronted with back pain”. So how do you explain these rather large numbers?

We are more and more led to make less effort. The changes taking place all around us compel us to do ever less exercise. Who would have imagined that the whole earth could be confined and everyone locked up in their homes for several months? 

On a daily basis, our body needs to be in movement, even for a few minutes. This warms up the muscles and keeps them in shape. Without exercise, you lose both strength et endurance, which makes you more susceptible to certain physical pains. 

What type of back pain can you experience? 

By weakening your body, you will more easily cause broken bones to cramps, but also pain in the ligaments and muscles. 

This particularly impacts your lumbar and therefore affects your entire back. Thus causing the lumbago, sciatica, Scoliosis or the kyphosis. Some may be at the level of vertebrae and others will directly impact your spine.

The problem is that the back is what connects your main elements: your head, your arms and your legs. Back pain can therefore become really disabling when the symptoms become severe. 

The main causes of back pain are usually the repeated carrying of heavy loads, the stress which can cause tensing and tensing of the muscles or even a regular poor posture.

Which device to relieve back pain? The massage chair! 

bodyfriend back pain relief device

When you dedicate a whole day sitting behind a desk with the same posture for several hours, it is essential to allow a few moments to perform movements. In addition to this, you can also turn to the massage chair. Thanks to massage techniques Ultra-efficient, this device to relieve the back will help you stimulate your muscles to better relax them. But how does it work? 

A device to stretch the back 

The Stretching are very good for the back. This is the reason why the practice of yoga favors this technique in order to reduce or avoid back pain. This way you will stretch your lumbar and completely relax your spine

Stretching provides a real feeling of well-being. He then releases endorphins, which are hormones for the joy and fun. This is why we often tend to stretch when we wake up after a good night's sleep. 

This relaxation allows above all toeliminate tension and relax the muscles. That's why we chose to add a stretching function on your device to relieve the back. Our massage chairs bring you a feeling ofappeasement prayer. 

A device to relieve muscle pain through kneading 

Known for its deep actions in the body, the kneading is a massage technique that has many benefits for the back. 

First, it allows drain the muscles by lifting and pressing the skin. These pressures will make it possible to raise and better diffuse the muscle mass

Therefore, the blood circulation et lymphatic will be favored by these movements. Thus, the toxins are better eliminated in the blood and therefore the muscles will more easily receive good nutrients to regenerate.

A painkiller is therefore more effective when it has kneading functions. 

At Bodyfriend, we have called upon the best to offer you a massage service worthy of the greatest specialists in our professional chairs. Discover the pleasure of kneading that adapts to the shape of your body for an even more intense effect. As if you received this pleasure from the hands of a manual massage !

A device to relieve the back thanks to tapping

Among the massage techniques that help relieve back pain, that of tapping is often used by athletes to relax the muscles after intense effort. 

tapping massage technique

Thanks to the movements acting from top to bottom of the back, this facilitates the blood circulation. Again, the blood can therefore better supply more energy to the muscles so that they relax and the tensions disappear. So it's one method at a time soothing and which provides total well-being while starting with the back part of your body. 

Within our massage chairs, we decided to extend this feeling of relaxation to the shoulders so that every muscular tension is eliminated. 


Often hesitant about this method of relaxation, acupressure has yet been able to prove itself in relieving back pain. Integrated into our electric device for back pain, this method acts along the spine thanks to pressure points usually exercised with the fingertips by a professional.  

This practice, derived from chinese medicine, allows rebalance energies through specific points. Thus, you will be able to circulate your good energies along your back so that it can regenerate. 

You should know that the location of pain is often linked to another part of the body. The lumbago for example, which is a tension in the back, draws its acupressure points mainly at the level of the legs

At Bodyfriend, we have therefore applied this massage method to our armchairs so that they can help you regain new energy and thus relieve your back pain! 

The Bodyfriend armchair: a device to relieve back pain thanks to heat

La heat is renowned for having genuine vertus within your body. First of all, she acts like analgesic. By blocking the nervous messages leaving the area where the pain is located, they can no longer access the brain

Meanwhile, the heat will also increase your body temperature, and therefore accelerate your blood circulation. The muscle repair process is therefore faster because the body acts faster. The massage chair is therefore an effective device for relieving sciatica, low back pain or any other back pain.

In addition to this, your body is totally relaxed and it recovers a much more restorative energy. 

Overall, how does a back relief device work?

  • Stretching relieves and relaxes the back
  • Kneading eliminates muscle pain
  • Tapping releases tension
  • Acupressure improves the circulation of your energies
  • Heat acts as a pain reliever and speeds up muscle repair

    With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything around you. 


    1. Study carried out on a sample of 1009 French people representative of the French population aged 18 and over. Any total or partial publication must imperatively use the following complete mention “Survey Vexim-Opinionway