How to choose your massage chair? Make the best choice!

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 The art of doing good to your body should not be overlooked. The latter is the first to suffer our daily vagaries. Stress, anxieties, fears, these are negative waves that will accumulate within our body. Unfortunately, we are not invincible. It is therefore important to think about his well-being. So how to choose your massage chair? 

How do I choose the one that will best suit my needs? All your answers are in this article! 

Why choosing your massage chair is important? 

Un massage chair is much more than a relaxing. It is above all a regeneration whole body. A professional massage chair allows you to escape of your anguish daily to evacuate each tension

For most people, stress is expressed in the head. You need to know that your body is throwing you warning cries when you feel pain.

Back pain, pain muscle, insomnia, migraines, difficulties of concentration, each of these signals are warnings. Your body feels all your Energy and it communicates with your brain. So never neglect the damage of breast stress of your body.

The advantage of a massage chair is that the effects are visible from the first try. You will find more intellectual abilities, more than concentration and better skills reflect.

Having a massage chair means opening new doors for you. Thanks to their perfection, you will be able to find a state of mind totally healthy in a body dénddu. This technology allows you to reconnect with yourself in order to be more relaxed and therefore have a restful sleep.

A professional massage chair is one way tolift your spirit and escape for a few minutes, just to be focused on you. More lightness, more than well-being and more appeasement. But still it is necessary to know which one is the good one!

Here are the criteria for how to choose your massage chair:

  • Your morphology
  • The I see you box
  • The type of massage offered
  • Comfort
  • Quality

How to choose your massage chair? The different criteria!

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Each product has its specificity. And because everyone is unique, it is important to take into account certain criteria to make the best choice in terms of massage chair.

Your morphology 

To be certain that your wheelchair is adapted to your body, we advise you to be careful that your morphology matches the product. Your age, your size , your weight, everything is to be considered when choosing a professional massage chair.

It is true that if you get a massage chair llower back, the feeling will not be as positive depending on whether you are taller or shorter. Likewise, if you are tall, it is possible that the head rests is not really coordinated with your installation.

As a result, the product will be perfectly adapted to your conditions and it will offer you the best comfort.

The I see you box 

We don't have time to tangle our brushes with technologies too sophisticated and which require a lot of reflections. A massage chair is not supposed to bring you more anguish and consternation due to overly complex use. 

For your well-being, it is important to choose a massage chair at the same time tailored et intuitive. For example, if you use all your relaxation time to understand how the remote control works or to twist around to change the program, you risk being demotivated.

When you have a busy daily life, a massage chair should not add a additional load in your mind. To find out how to choose your massage chair, favor simplicity !

Types of massage offered 

It is obvious that the choice of your massage chair is above all based on your needs. Each chair can have characteristics different depending on your expectations.

Today, the possibilities of a massage product can be multiple: vibrant, heated, patting or, massaging, according to your desire and the needs of your body, you can find your happiness.

In addition, the type of massage may vary depending on the product. Some armchairs are more centered on the heat and others on massage techniques (tapping, dual action, Shiatsu or kneading). Each having specific uses, such as stimulating the respiratory system, improving the blood flow, or even the elimination of tensions.  

For your well-being, we would tend to recommend massage chairs of the type Shiatsu. They help to determine the point of tension and act to eliminate them permanently. In addition, your body will regain its fluidity and its energy thanks to a improved blood circulation.

How to choose your massage chair? Comfort above all! 

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What we usually tend to explain to our customers is that prices vary wildly among all range of massage chairs that exist on the market.

However, you should know that a low price does not necessarily mean that the quality is good.

For example, many armchairs in leather must, through several uses, form. That is to say that initially and because of the What's new of the product, the leather will be more rigid and less pleasant.

It is only after a few practices that the leather will really loosen to bring you all the necessary comfort (at the level of the head rest, the back, and the neck). This therefore means that your first experiences may not be very pleasant.

As a result, it will in no way help you to improve your pain. In some cases, they can even get worse. So, Shouldn't quality and comfort be the main criteria?

At Bodyfriend, we remain convinced that your body deserves the better relaxation possible. This is why we have set up armchairs tailored to your body and giving you possibilities endless to completely fix it from head to toes while lightening your mind.

Should we turn to massage seats? 

There are several types of massage chairs. Some offer massage seats transportable and installable in any location. 

For example, you can install your massage seat on your office chair or in your car so you can relax whenever you want. It is an alternative to the massage chair, but it is only provisoire.

La relaxation and well-being must be achieved in a process of upliftment of mind and body. It must be a moment of happiness full fledged, once your day is behind you and tensions can be released. 

This is a wellness bubble which must take place in a comfortable environment in which you feel good. It should not be associated with your daily life, on the contrary.

This is why we do not recommend that you turn to this massage method when the pressure is at its peak. It is only a question of temporarily relaxing the body, before the stress resurfaces.

With a suitable massage chair, you can relax after the deluge, at home, in order to rest better and regain strength thanks to a restorative sleep

If you feel a moment of intense stress during your day, it is better to make breathing exercises that will help you find your means and relax.

All in all, we advise you to choose a massage chair designed for YOU! But how do you know? The best way to find the right one for you, is to try it !

With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything around you.