Sleeping in zero gravity position: here are the advantages of this massage technique!

dormir en position zéro gravité

If it's one of the best positions to regenerate your body, it's not for nothing. Sleeping in zero gravity position has many virtues that bring your body all the relaxation it deserves. But why is it so effective? What are the advantages ? You will get all your answers in this article!

What is it like to sleep in the zero gravity position?

When we needevacuate tensions that weigh on our shoulders, the relaxation is essential. You're feeling heavy, weights are constantly present and it is difficult to act rationally in this situation.

For this, it is important tolighten body and mind. Sleeping in the zero gravity position allows you to discover the feeling of weightlessness. At Bodyfriend, our professional massage chairs are equipped with technology that helps you feel a deep sense of relief throughout your body.

They allow remove all tension so that you can only focus on one thing, you. And this is possible thanks to 170° tilt. Sleeping in the zero gravity position means having the perfect inclination so that the body does not make any more effort. He will thus be able to fully loosen in a neutral position.

It is therefore no coincidence that most health professionals recommend this posture to reduce any back pain or other back pain.   

Experience weightlessness for a few minutes

Experience weightlessness for a few minutes

On a daily basis, we are subject to pressure. It exerts itself on our body in such a way that we undergo a weight constantly. If we add the pressure that you undergo every day through your professional and social life, it is an additional weight that is inflicted on the body.

La zero gravity position has long been studied and in particular within NASA. Without gravity, it is about the posture which adopts the body naturally. It is also the one adopted by scientists during take-offs.

So why is it so beneficial? Quite simply because it allows a perfect alignment of legs, back and core. This is the natural position that our body adopts when it is dénddu in a place without gravity.

So there is no more pressure and the body is completely released. There is also the notion balance that comes into play. The zero-gravity chair makes it possible to distribute your weight throughout your body.

What are the benefits of sleeping in the zero gravity position?

If it is a question of total appeasement, you should know that sleeping in a zero gravity chair also has many benefits for your body.

1. Facilitate blood circulation

blood circulation

At Bodyfriend, we know how essential it is to take care of your body. That's why every day we improve our products so that they can offer you the better regeneration possible.

La zero gravity posture is a good sleeping position. Indeed, it allows you to improve the circulation of the lymph fluid, which is responsible for the circulation of your immune cells. It therefore helps to prevent infections and eliminate the waste that is in your metabolism. This is what helps the good nutrients et oxygen to spread through your body to feed your muscles.

Therefore, the blood circulation becomes more fluid and better regulated. It's yours the heart who will therefore be relieved because the blood will be able to reach him better and the effort will be less intense. Indirectly, sleeping in the zero gravity position therefore helps to prevent cardiovascular disease and swelling because there is less pressure on your heart.

2. Improve oxygen diffusion

If there is a better circulation of lymph fluid, oxygen will be able to diffuse better in your organism. This is due to perfect alignment back with your body. It frees the respiratory tracts so that you can better relax and fully open your lungs during your sleep.

If you are subject to respiratory disorders such as asthma ou sleep apnea, sleeping in the zero gravity position frees you from all gene ou blocking. Oxygen circulates better and your lungs are under less pressure.

In addition, clearing your airways allows your language not to slip backwards. This way you will avoid all snoring and will be able to benefit from a deep and much more restorative sleep.

3. Reduce gastric reflux

Today, nearlyone in three French people is affected by what is called Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux (GERD). This can manifest as burns stomach and lifts acids and can seriously disrupt your sleep.

Gastric reflux is caused by pressures exercised at the level of your abdomen and thorax. When there is poor breathing, the pressure can cause a compression of your abdominal volume and this is reflected in your stomach. Everything contained in the latter can then be attracted to the area where the pressure is lower : in your lungs.

This explains the gastric reflux. But to avoid this, you must adopt the right position for sleeping! At the house of Bodyfriend, our zero gravity chairs offer you a perfect comfort to stop having acid reflux.

If your upper body is elevated, and your stomach is lower than your esophagus, you will improve the quality of your sleep which will no longer be disturbed by gastric reflux.

4. Reduce muscle tension

muscle tension

We mentioned a little earlier the concept balance. You should know that it is essential for the well-being of your body. To be in perfect match with the latter, it's all about balance.

Sleeping in a zero gravity position therefore makes it possible to spread also your weight throughout your body. The less you will have pressure, and the better your muscles will be able to release. If the weight is not evenly distributed, certain parts of your being will feel more pressure. This is what causes muscle tension even pain.

By improving your blood circulation, by better circulating oxygen and balancing the weight, your muscles will relax entirely. By using our professional massage chairs, you can say goodbye to lower back pain, Dorsal, articular but also at sore legs and feeling of heaviness.


5. Reduce pressure on your spinal discs

Sleeping in the zero gravity position isn't just about bringing comfort to your body. This way of sleeping is also beneficial for your health.

At Bodyfriend, we attach great importance to the sleep and all the virtues it may have on your being, and in particular on your spine.

Along with your legs, this is the second element that supports your daily efforts. Your vertebral discs are strongly impacted by the pressure because they compress and can lose size. For example, when they return to earth, astronauts are generally taller. This is due to the pressure of the vertebral discs which is not present in the space.

With the effort and pressure of everyday life, your spine sags. By completely relaxing the body, you will allow it to put back in place while you sleep.

At Bodyfriend, a massage chair in zero gravity position, is much more than a regeneration and relaxation from the body. It's about finding out what the true state of well-being and to be in perfect harmony with your body.

Sleeping in the zero gravity position is elevate one's spirit and get the best sleep.

With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything around you.