Discover the functions of the back and neck massaging backrest of the Bodyfriend armchairs!

dossier massant dos et nuque

In your daily life, your back and your neck are the first elements to suffer from your postures. Without realizing it, you adopt positions that are unsuitable for the shape of your body, causing muscle discomfort. At Bodyfriend, we know that a little pain can become disturbing on a daily basis as it intensifies. That's why our chairs have the best back and neck massaging backrest. 

But how does it work? How can it bring well-being to your body? Here are all the answers to your questions!

Back and neck massaging backrest: how does it work?

At Bodyfriend, we have set up a back and neck massage seat to give you a feeling of looseness incomparable. Thanks to rolls and rotating massage balls, the movements adapt perfectly to your body. 

Different intensity depending on the muscles

Back and neck massage

Your back and your neck are real pillars for your body. This is the reason why a fragility can lead to a large number of complications. However, some muscles are more sensitive than others. And to get you a relaxing massage, the massage backrest for the back and neck of our professional chairs will adapt to your morphology and your muscles. A mechanism allows to pass from 4 to 2 rolls forever more well-being

In this way, the small muscles will be able to benefit from a massage delicate and the larger muscles can be more relaxed thanks to a massage more intense.

Well-being worthy of the greatest institutes

As if you were in an institute, this technology aims to reproduce exactly the hand movements from a true specialist.

Inspired by the technique of Shiatsu, the back and neck massaging backrest provides you with a deep massage developed from the massage techniques de finger pressure.

Through methods of tapping, kneading et acupressure, you will be able to relieve your back from top to bottom while relaxing your shoulders. This relaxes the muscles and completely relaxes your backbones by eliminating all the tensions.

The best back and neck massager folder for your body

At Bodyfriend, we don't do things by halves. And because we know how essential it is to have a balanced throughout the body, we adapt and test our products to help you rediscover your body and circulate your vital energy.

Man full of vital energy does yoga

This is the reason why, today, we are able to offer you the best massage chair. To get you more and more relaxation, we added air cushions to our massaging file for the back and neck. 

To be able to massage in precision each of your parts, you have the possibility of choosing between three levels of thickness different. You will be able to benefit from a deep neck massage to release each of the tensions present. 

Heat to better relax the back and neck

La heat has very interesting virtues for the body. It allows to increase the body temperature and speed up the body. As a result, exchanges take place more quickly and the transmission of good nutrients in the body is much more effective.

The back and neck massaging backrest, which our armchairs are made of, has a function heated which promotes the repair your cells. If you suffer from back pain, the massage seat will help you repair your weakened muscles more easily and quickly. 

Heat also has virtues analgesics, which, in addition to fixing, helps to make decrease the feeling of pain. There are fewer nervous messages that circulate, and the brain therefore assimilates your discomfort less. 

So what are the benefits of a back and neck massaging backrest?

  • It is made up of rotating massage rollers and balls
  • It adapts to your muscles and your body.
  • These are the gestures of a true professional
  • The intensity varies between your small and large muscles
  • It offers several techniques: tapping, kneading, finger pressure
  • Air cushions deeply massage the neck
  • Heat relaxes muscles and repairs them

  • Opting for a back and neck massaging backrest is therefore only a send, it is a need of your body. 

    With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything around you.