The Bodyfriend massage chair for a relaxing massage of the whole body!

Fauteuil de massage relaxant du corps entier

Finding the ideal compromise that combines mental and muscular relaxation and total relaxation is not an easy thing. Rest assured, we have found the solution for you. Because you deserve to experience the bliss that a full-body relaxing massage can bring, our professional chairs have been specially designed to fit your needs.

In this article, you will quickly understand why this unique relaxation device is made for you.

A relaxing massage of the whole body thanks to several techniques

Finally, what is the total well-being ? It is a feeling of appeasement which makes it possible to create a strong connection between your body and mind.

Only, the hassles of everyday life and the adventures that our rhythm of life imposes on us can disturb this relaxed state of mind.

This is the reason why, at Bodyfriend, we leave nothing out. We strive to satisfy both body and mind to create a real fusion and that you are in perfect agreement with your whole being.


kneading for relaxing full body massage

For us, a massage is not just about pushing the muscle knots to feel lighter and more relaxed. It is much more. A classic massage only makes the tensions for a fixed period of time until the pain returns.

At Bodyfriend, we have designed professional chairs to ensure that your body is perpetually relaxed and that he is no longer afraid of suffering again.

And this involves varying relaxation techniques. the kneading is used to make movements deep and adapted to contractions muscle.

In addition, it provides you with better stimulation of blood and lymphatic flows


Because your well-being is our number 1 priority, we put in place the best devices so that your body has all the relaxation it deserves.

So that you can evacuate all the negative voltages that you accumulate on a daily basis, tapping are based on a system rotary modules that provide light pressure for relieve shoulders and back from top to bottom.

Thanks to a XD ergonomic massage angle, your chair will adapt its intensity with a delicate massage for the small muscles and a more intensive one for the more robust ones.

Be relaxed thanks to the technology of the virtual hand massage. As if you were in the hands of a true professional, this module applies light pressure at the level of shoulders and of to relieve you and give you a total feeling of relaxation.

We can assure you that all the weight you have on your shoulders will very quickly fly away and your worries will become minimal!

Acupressure, the enemy of all tension

acupressure massage

We spend our days to ourselves move, ours user, ours tired, so it is completely normal that our body has all the tenderness it needs!

Feeling tense, being often exhausted, performing actions that are painful to you, these are the signs of a lack of relaxation and intense stress.

For this, the system acupressure from your armchair will come press vertically from top to bottom each of the areas of your of to fully release muscle tension.

A unique chair for a full body massage

Through smart air cushions, no part of your body will be forgotten! To be certain that the appeasement meets your needs, a head rests deep massage your neck as well as your head.

In addition, a second air cushion will be specially present to relax your shoulders and eliminate any muscle knots.

Every contour of your body will be painstakingly relieved thanks to cushions designed to release your size , your hips and your gluteal.

And because we have promised you that no part of your body will be left behind, your calves will be able to benefit from the best comfort and a massage in order toimprove blood circulation in your legs.

A whole body massage technique designed for you

Do you know what the S&L technology ? It is a mobile massage device that adapts to your body position.

'Cause we know everyone is unique and that we all have our own characteristics, your professional massage chair will fit your figure perfectly by forming an S at the level of the back and an L at the level of the seat.

Relaxing massage of the whole body: Mental relaxation

mental relaxation

Most classic massages offer you to relax each part of your body so that you feel relaxed. Only when leaving your institute, all your anxieties resurface !

We won't teach you anything by telling you that unfortunately, a tense body is only the reflection of a preoccupied conscience and disturbed. Stress, tension, uncertainty, these are just mental thoughts !

For your body to discover what the real serenity, Bodyfriend takes care not to forget our majority decision-making center, our brain !

La mental relaxation is a feature that you will acquire if you choose to turn to a professional massage chair. But how can an armchair lighten the spirit?

A sensory experience in its own right

Most spiritual theories suggest that to be in perfect match with our body and feel its full power, we must awaken all direction and in particular that of hearing who can be very sensitive to relaxation thanks to the noise that surrounds us.

For this, depending on the massage mode that will be adapted to your needs, binaural beats will multiply the sensations of well-being. Thanks to this sound that your brain will perceive as a fixed frequency, the latter will synchronize its neural activity with the noise.

Music therefore has the advantage ofimprove cognitive performance and therefore strengthen your concentration and to be in a positive state of mind and stress free.

A unique brain massage

unique brain massage

And because we promised you a full body massage, the binaural beats may adapt depending on the relaxation mode you choose.

Un focus mode and meditation mode will bring you the best of relaxing full body massages while providing you with both vitality et to relax within your mind.

Thanks to our function of brain massage, you will be able to discover what is the perfect harmony between your consciousness and your spirit while doing the full of energy and positiveness. And this will also affect the quality of your sleep and its regenerative functions.

It is a new rhythm of life that is offered to you.

The Zero Gravity feature

Finally, don't we need height so that we can elevate our minds and find out what the real sense of peace ?

Functionality Zero Gravity of our armchairs allows you to forget for a moment of happiness any feeling of weight and heaviness.

Thanks to the feeling weightlessness, be as light as a feather and relieve yourself of any tension with the inclination of your armchair which can go up to 170°!

A message from the whole body is not just caresses and appeasement. It is above all a total relaxation of your consciousness and full possession of your physical and mental abilities!

With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything around you.