Bodyfriend massage chair massage techniques

Les techniques de massage des fauteuils massants Bodyfriend

 When you want to do yourself good, it is difficult to know what is the best way to reach the point of pain or the muscle tension felt. This is why opting for a massage chair brings together in one tool all the effectiveness of relaxation! But what are the massage techniques of a massage chair?

In this article, discover everything you need to know about the benefits and usefulness of getting this revolutionary tool for your body!

1. Heat massage

A gentle warmth helps the muscles to loosen by penetrating the skin. In fact, it will make it possible to increase the body temperature by accelerating the blood circulation. The joints are therefore relieved and the pain dissipates.

A massage using rolls and massage balls is generally integrated into the mode of relaxation. This allows the muscles to relax at the same time so that they find a flexibility and natural elasticity.

The heat process is generally used for the lower back and lumbar vertebrae

2. Shiatsu Massage

Ancestral technique of Japanese relaxation, the Shiatsu-massage has virtues remedial for the body. In a massage chair, rollers and massage balls help to reproduce the gestures of true professionals of this method of relaxation. 

It refers to the technique of acupuncture and is one of the best massage techniques from a massage chair. By targeting areas of muscle tension, the mechanisms of the device go loosen the entire back thanks to points of pressure, tapping, and kneading

It gives a feeling of deep well-being since the body is completely released and that good energies are all unlocked. He heated the muscles by releasing the tensions to offer you a massage totally energizing

3. Kneading 

kneading massage technique

Traditionally performed using 4 fingers, the kneading technique performs circular movements up and down along the spine, with two fingers on each side. Here, these are 4 rolls and massage balls that reproduce gestures.

This therefore relieves the back muscles especially those who are tired. By releasing muscle tension, you will be able to recover more easily from fatigue or any other weakness within the body. The muscles are reinforced.

Again, the dots acupuncture are taken into account in order to offer you a total relaxation and a feeling of vitality Once finished. The speed can be varied by choosing speed for tone and slowness for tranquilize.

4. Tapping 

Tapping massage is generally practiced using fists. Those are tapping which are made throughout the spine. This massage technique of a massage chair brings you well-being thanks to these massage rollers.

In terms of intensity, the result will not be the same. A rather reinforced tapping allows to wake up the muscles and them tone. On the other hand, a softer tap will help to recover and regenerate the muscle.

In addition, this massage technique allowsopen the body and welcome more oxygen. So the breathing is improved and your body can only feel better! 

5. The Dual-Action

dual-action massage technique

This is a technique that combines both the kneading and tapping. These are therefore soft or intense tappings carried out all along your spine. Looseness muscular, better circulation blood, toning of the back and elimination of tensions, the benefits are multiple!

6. Rolling

stretching is essential to relax the muscles and especially after an effort or a too curved posture for a time. This is why the rolling is a very effective massage chair massage technique! 

Thanks to its rollers, the device will exert pressures on both sides of your spine to replicate that stretching sensation. The muscles are revitalized and rid of all tension

7. Swedish Massage

Very recognized method in relaxation, the Swedish massage helps relax the entire back. Through movements following the direction of blood circulation until the heart, it improves the blood flow.

It is a massage technique of a massage chair very complete since it deals the whole back and neglect no part. In addition, it also combines several massage techniques mentioned above.

8. Treading 

foot massage technique

They are the ones who suffer daily weight of your body and your movements, then your feet deserve the best relaxation!

For this, the trampling of the feet is a massage technique integrated into the Shiatsu. Thanks to rollers and massage beads, the soles is stimulated with pressures. It's a feeling of walking on the sand that provides complete well-being. 

This allows to evacuate the feelings of heaviness in the legs and in the feet because you have to know, it spreads throughout the body! This method is inspired by the reflexology and beliefs according to which each point of the foot is connected to an organ of the body. 

Many may underestimate the treading technique, but there are many vertus for the organization! By releasing muscular and nervous tension through the foot, it is therefore the whole body who benefits!

9. Air Massage 

This latest massage technique from a massage chair is a method of drainage made using pads (or some air pockets) allowing a compression and decompression air.

This relaxes the whole body with pressure replacing the sensations of heaviness by lightness. Thus, the toxins are eliminated, the blood circulates better and the whole body is much more relaxed.

10. Vibration massage

Some massage chairs have properties of vibration. A part of your body or even the body as a whole will be stimulated by vibrating in order to relax the muscles. As a result, pain sensations will decrease and there will be less risk of cramps muscle. 

It helps to promote the blood circulation so that your good nutrients can better flow into your muscles and into your tissues. Finally, the feeling of calm will also be noticed in your mind. The vibrations help to relax the mental by reducing the stress et anxiety.

A lot of athletes attach importance to this specificity. Indeed, the vibrations make it possible to relieve and invigorate legs after exercise. By avoiding the aches, it helps to recover faster and feel more light and.

All in all, there are many relaxation techniques to bring your body the best of relaxation. Now, it's up to you to get started !

With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything around you.