All the benefits of a lumbar massager

Appareil massage lombaires

80% of the population will one day or another face low back pain and sometimes the sensitivity in the lower back can persist. Therefore, our back deserves to be relaxed after each intense effort, even on a daily basis. For this, you must turn to devices adapted to your needs and your body. What is the real use of a lumbar massager? Find out everything you need to know in this article!  

Why use a back massager?

Le stress, a hectic daily life, a regular effort without relaxation, these are all factors that your body undergoes. We often tend to think that our body is independent of our mind. It is a misconception. 

According to a study made by scientist Lauri Nummenmaa, there exists a emotion map. It is about understanding how our body reacts to our feelings. As it's about anxiety, trough or contempt, our body reacts. It means that something happens when we have a feeling. 
In a previous article, we saw the effects of stress on the body. Muscles are constantly tense and this has a huge impact on your physical abilities. In addition to a constant state of twitching, there will be insomnia and loss of appetite. So your body no longer gets any source energy, it weakens. Stress can therefore cause pain which is usually reflected in the back level, and in particular lumbar

All the heaviness and the feeling of tiredness can spread from your legs, through your diaper to reach your lumbar ! To avoid this, it is therefore preferable to be dénddu et released daily. 

The benefits of a massage device on the lower back.

The back is thecommon element to your body. Considered your trunk, it connects both your head, your arm and your legs to your body. It is therefore necessary to ensure that all the connections are established so that the various signals can circulate throughout the body. 

Relax and relieve tired muscles

Physiotherapist gives lower back massage

Of course, the main function remains to release your body, especially in the lower back. At the house of Bodyfriend, our massage chairs are all equipped with a recognition system fragile muscles

Thus, he adapts his sensitivity at the level of lumbar region. This will give you pressure delicate for small muscles and a more intensive touch for large muscles. 

They also have air cushions at the level of the hips to massage in depth. Thanks to an exact reproduction of the real relaxation techniques, enjoy the best of acupuncture, tapping and kneading to relieve all lower back vertebrae

Warm up the muscles to better relax them

La heat has impressive virtues for our body. This is the reason why we have chosen to integrate a heating function in our lumbar massager

The principle is to warm up the muscle in order to increase the body temperature of your body. Therefore, your organisme will accelerate, which will make it more fluid and increase the blood flow et lymphatic. Since it allows the transmission of good nutrients to your body, it brings energy

If you have lower back pain, the heat will speed up the defense system. Your muscles will be better able to regenerate and recover.

In addition to all this, this relaxation will be transmitted throughout your body to give you a feeling of total well-being !

Repair your lower back muscles

Woman has lower back pain in lumbar

As we have seen, allowing energy to flow better enables the regeneration of your muscles. It's your whole system that will speed up and toxins will therefore be eliminated more quickly.

However, you should know that this is not the only benefit of a lumbar massager. This relaxation also affects the quality of your sleep. The longer a sleep is repairer, the better you will be able to heal the evil that is in the lower back.

So it is not only a device to massage your back, but a total repair of your body. The method acupuncture also allows you to locate pressure points that relieve many parts of the body. 

Target stress points

La chinese medicine is very favorable to the thought that each point of our body corresponds to an organ or to another part of the body. the belly, for example, is considered our “second brain”. This is the reason why, when we have a strong stomach ache, it has a huge impact on our psychological state. 

At the level of your lumbar, there are a large number of pressure points connected to your organisme. For example, the lower back is known to be in connection with our digestive system. Much more than a lumbar massage, this device therefore improves the digestion in a few moves. 

In summary, the benefits of a lumbar massager are multiple:

  • Relieve muscles and relieve pressure
  • Warm up to relax the muscle
  • Increase blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Bring more energy to the whole body
  • Stimulate regeneration and repair of the body
  • Targeting pain to better repair it
  • Improve the quality of sleep
  • Facilitate digestion

How to choose a good lumbar massager? 

armchairs for lumbar massagers

It is essential to check all the features that a massage chair offers. Some may have reduced options. To optimize the benefits an professional device, it is best to remain attentive to the features present.

Le heating, massage techniques, precision work, these are assets that will allow your body to be fully relaxed. 

On the other hand, if you want multiply the positive effects on your body, professional massage chairs Bodyfriend offer unequaled comfort and well-being on the long term. We offer you to relieve your lower back thanks to massage techniques to virtual hands. The principle is to reproduce exactly the work of a true professional

And all this without having to leave your home!

With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything around you.  

source: Body Maps of Emotions, Lauri Nummenmaa, Enrico Glerean, Riitta Hari, Jari K. Hietanen, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Jan 2014, 111(2) 646-651; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1321664111