Korean wellness – what it can do for you and your business

Bien-être Coréen – ce qu’il peut vous apporter, à vous et à votre entreprise

What is “K-wellness”

South Korea is known for many wonderful things, one of which is its wellness art! Over the past few years, the Korean beauty market has exploded and now proudly takes center stage in the beauty and wellness industry. Korean products and services are increasingly known for their efficiency, innovation and the results they deliver.

“K-Beauty” has become a trend publicized by the biggest and best journalists in the world. Vogue UK recently investigated the best K-Beauty products to invest in. According to the global agency Mintel and CNN, "the Korean beauty market is one of the ten largest in the world, with an estimated turnover of more than 13,1 billion dollars in 2018", with "a in five facial skincare products launched in South Korea”. And we here at Bodyfriend are proud to be one of the key players and innovators in the K-wellness market.

What K-wellness can bring to your professional activity 

As Korean beauty and wellness has gone global, more and more consumers are incorporating Korean products and practices into their approach to wellness. This can range from using Korean beauty products at home to experiencing a K-wellness service at a beauty and wellness salon or clinic.

By including relevant Korean services in your business offering, you will be able to target a new audience while positioning your business as a dynamic, innovative and forward-thinking brand. This represents real assets for success in a saturated market. This will open up new possibilities for you in terms of communication, while increasing your content creation capabilities for marketing your business and developing your sales.

Integrate K-wellness with Bodyfriend  

Our South Korean health-tech focused massage chairs are the perfect addition to your salon and clinic. Each of our products is beautifully crafted, using only the finest materials, and aims to provide you with a luxury massage experience while enhancing your mental and physical well-being.

Each of our products features exceptional design and functionality, combined with a premium user experience. With a mission to extend the “healthy life expectancy” of its customers by 10 years, Bodyfriend has become an expert in innovation and technologies that improve mental and physical well-being. The company has developed and patented numerous technologies and has received numerous awards from renowned institutions such as the CES Innovation Awards. Bodyfriend sets itself apart from competing products with unique features such as unique body contour scanning, allowing each user's experience to be personalized, patented relaxation, sports therapy, stress reduction and relaxing chair settings. in zero gravity.

How to manage your wellness area during the Covid-19 pandemic

We know that many of your clients may have questions about the safest and most effective ways to continue their wellness experience at a spa or clinic, a concern that Bodyfriend can help alleviate. Eliminating the risk factor of virus transmission, the meticulously designed luxury massage chairs do not require human-to-human contact as they provide a risk-free, hands-free massage experience, fully meeting the current constraints and Covid-19 restrictions to which the companies have to comply.

Bring Bodyfriend into your home 

Each wellness area has its own atmosphere and ambience. Our armchairs are available in a range of designs and colors that not only suit all types of spaces, but also help to transform them into the ultimate place of relaxation where science, technology and well-being merge to create an unparalleled rejuvenation experience.

The room you choose for your chair should be quiet, warm and welcoming, creating a haven for those looking to relax and enjoy a touchless massage. These armchairs can also be perfectly adapted to your personal space in your own home; ideal for creating the ultimate home spa experience. Now that confinement is back in effect, enjoying a relaxation session at home may be exactly what we need!

How to contact us

Originating in South Korea and having its European headquarters in Paris, two of the world's leading centers of innovation in health and well-being, Bodyfriend is expanding its commercial activities in the European market with its flagship showroom located on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris and a showroom in Milan. For more information on how to purchase a Bodyfriend body massage chair for your business, please get in touch by making an appointment at one of our showrooms, via our website: www.bodyfriend.fr, or by telephone on 01 47 72 05 05.