The benefits of an electric massage chair

chaise de massage électrique

Our body is our most precious asset. However, we persist in leaving it aside and not making it our priority. The problem is that as he goes along, he will get more and more tired and it will no longer be a question of simple back pain, but rather of much more serious pain. That's why we suggest you avoid the worst with the electric massage chair. Benefits, features and benefits for the body, here is why you should turn to this device! 

What are the features of an electric massage chair? 

The pain lumbar, legs, shoulders, diaper, when it's not fully relaxed, your body will let you know in different ways. This is the reason why a electric massage chair offers different functions to repair each of your pains. 


The vibes have real virtues for the body. A professional vibrating massager helps stimulate the nerve endings. This way your muscles will contract and this relax as if you were doing a physical activity. 

So your business muscular is reinforced and the latter will then be able to regenerate easier. This is one of the reasons why we feel a sense of lightness and well-being after being immersed in a bath of vibration. The body relaxes completely, and you feel much more relaxed!

The heat

Un massaging backrest still contains a heating function. This is mainly because the heat has real benefits for your body, even when you have muscle aches

She even acts like analgesic and comes to stop the feeling of pain by blocking the nervous messages going to the brain. Additionally, by increasing your body temperature, you accelerate your metabolism as well as your blood circulation. 

The latter is essential because it allows feed your muscles and eliminate the toxins. Thus, you no longer suffer from muscle pain and during this time, your body finds a new Energy

Deep massages

Of course, gestures are also very important for release fully your muscles. This is the reason why most of electric massage chairs are equipped with high-performance technologies capable of reproducing the exact gestures as if real professionals were massaging you. 

deep massage with fists

kneading, tapping, Shiatsu, combined massage, massages from a relaxing seat offer you the best in muscle relaxation. Thanks to controlled precision, they penetrate depth in order to find the origin of a pain and then eliminate it.  

What is the difference with an electric massage and relaxation chair? 

Finally, after comparing the two types ofdevice for relieve the back and even all the rest of the body, you wonder why not turn to a professional chair.

The difference lies first in the comfort that an electric massage chair offers. Here you settle on a cloud of happiness and it's a real futuristic armchair. You wrap yourself in a device that adapts to the forms of your body to bring you an ever greater feeling of well-being.

Full body massage

The second difference lies in incorporation of the body within the massage. In a professional chair, you receive a complete care from head to toes. Escape with a mental relaxation or immerse your mind in the purest well-being and free yourself from all weight thanks to air cushions placed at the level of your calves and your feet giving you a feeling of complete lightness.  

The price of an electric massage chair is lower

Of course, what differentiates an electric massage chair from a professional chair is their cost ! All in all, a quality massage chair can be worth a few hundreds of euros. As for the massage chair, the price is higher. If you choose the best in relaxation technology, this one can turn out a few thousands of euros.

However, it is not the same type of comfort. In addition, what you need to know is that the body is quite particular. It is possible to localize a pain in a certain place to finally realize that the injury is in a completely opposite part of the body. 

localized pain

Technologies like acupressure give your body a new Energy by locating each pain with precision. This is why it is important to favor a complete comfort of your body, starting head to toe.

With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything around you.