How to do a relaxing massage? The secrets to know

Comment faire un massage relaxant

When you feel light pressure and muscle pain, nothing better than a good massage to relax your whole body. But if there are institutes specializing in body relaxation, it's not for nothing! There are specific techniques that will help you feel calm. So how do you do a massage? Discover the real method in this article!

Why learn how to do a massage well?

Your muscles and your mind need daily relief. Your body undergoes your weight every day, so he needs a little lightness so as not to weaken. So what is the point of a massage? Although it will not be able to completely cure the deep physical wounds, it can help you relieve yourself. Several techniques will allow you to relax your muscles, or even warm them up to ease the pain.

The main advantage is therefore to provide you with fun and complete relaxation. By touching the sensitive areas, you activate your receptors so that your body energy can spread throughout your body.

In addition, you can guide the movements and specify the techniques towards the pain points in order to relieve them. However, you should not hope to repair your wounds by choosing to perform your own massages, it is only a question of feel better.

How to do a relaxing massage? The secrets to know

massage session

A massage session don't improvise. You have to make sure you have the right tools and set up a atmosphere conducive to relaxation. The place you choose will therefore be essential.

First, we advise you to find a soothing place and in which you feel good. It is important to have good vibes to better assimilate them. You can then arrange this place to make it a true temple of relaxation.

For this, it is better not to have a lighting too aggressive, but rather soft. You can dim the light by installing scarves. Also, feel free to play on the senses to wake them up. This allows the body to feel more alive and better stimulated. Of the spark plugs, incense, a Music courses calm, you will be able to create an environment warm and soothing.

Moreover, we advise you toincrease the temperature slightly. The body is more relaxed and can more easily relax with a little heat. And above all, your massage will not be cold!

Create a comfortable support and prepare the material

Massage oil

To make the massaged person feel completely at ease, do not hesitate to use all that is more comfortable for your support. Of the pillows, cushions everything is good to welcome your massed and put it in confidence from the start of your session. Be careful not to create a place that is “too” comfortable and therefore too soft. Above all, the body must be straight and not bent.

To add depth to your massages, we generally recommend using shot towels. As mentioned earlier, heat relaxes the muscles. It is therefore a valuable tool for a successful massage!

In contact with the skin, it is possible that the friction is not pleasant for some. To avoid this, massage oil makes your movements fluid and do better slip your fingers along her body. It can be scented with essential oils or odorless. Gradually, it will be absorbed by the body, it will therefore be necessary to always add more.   

Step 1: Create a bond of trust with the person you are massaging.

Whether in the context of your job or to help a friend, it is important to create a link with this person. It is possible that this is his or her first session and the fact that he or she is naked may cause discomfort.

If the body is too contracted, you will have more difficulty relaxing it and the massage will be less pleasant. It would be better communicate with him by explaining to him, for example, the course of the session and by soothing him with a Soft voice.

Again, the meaning of hearing is stimulated which helps the massed to be reassured.

Step n°2: Start the massage in good conditions

Now that you have established a communication link (which you should not hesitate to maintain throughout the massage), you will be able to perform your first movements.

But to give a good massage, you must not rush the body of the other. You will then be able to start installing your hot towels on certain parts of the body of your massed.

massage hot towels

To begin the first contacts, also take care not to have the cold hands ! A shiver could spoil the start of your relaxation. You can thus provide an additional hot towel to warm your hands just before the massage.

Step 3: Make gentle contact

In addition to your voice, your hands will be the second element linking you to the one who is being massaged. So don't be abrupt, the idea is not to scare the other. So you will be able to put your hands delicately on her naked body make contact.

So that the person being massaged gets used to your hands and relaxes in contact with them, you can stay for a while realizing slow and light circles. This link is very important and it is a crucial point to learn how to do a relaxing massage.

Throughout your massage, you must not break this contact. This means that one of your hands must always be placed on the body.

Step 4: Start with movements at the neck

neck massage

With your hands pressed on each shoulder and therefore on one side and the other of the neck, use your inch to massage the trapezoids up the neck from bottom to top.

Your thumbs should finish their go just at the beginning limit of the skull. Your other fingers will serve as a support to maintain the collarbones.

Step 5: Descend onto your back

The basic idea is to wake each part of the body so that the nerve endings begin to take effect. To massage the back, simply place your hands at extremities of the back (one hand down and another up or on one of the shoulders or vice versa). You will then perform theback stretch through opposing outward movements of both hands. The goal being to massage the entire back, change position and stretch again.

Once your back is heated, you will be able to sit on your masseuse so that your two hands act in a parallel. By being placed on both sides of the spine, start from the lower back to go up very gently and continue in the continuity of the shoulders.

Finally, come back down with the same movement and repeat this gesture several times.

Step 6: Vary back massage techniques

back massage

To relax the body, the first technical to use is that of tapping. She helps to relieve any pain in the muscles. To do this, just do light tapping with your hands placed so vertical. For variety, you can also use your fists while remaining soft and without being too abrupt.

Then, we advise you to carry out the massage method in 8. It is a question of carrying out movements in the shape of 8 on the center back placing your hands on top of each other.

So that your massed has more sensation of looseness, the technique of feel-roll is quite effective. For this, you will have to lightly grab a fold of skin between your hands and then roll it under your fingers by moving them upwards. For this method, we recommend starting from the lower back to go up.

Step 7: Massage the lower back 

To know how to massage someone, we must not forget that most muscle aches come from lumbar.

To relax the flanks, we recommend that you use your inch by placing them at the bottom of the back, at the start of the spine. The aim is to achieve circular movements with your thumbs moving them outwards. You will thus hunt better the nodes and muscle tension.

For lower back, position your hands so that they encompass size. Massage by bringing your thumbs towards the spine then, using your hands, massage the lower back going up the back and outwards.

Step 8: Don't forget the shoulders!

shoulder massage

Why end with the shoulders? Quite simply because with a massage, it is better to go to the direction of blood flow. This improves the feeling of well-being and helps to better circulate the nutrients, and so energy !

For shoulder massage, it is best to use your inch. To do this, simply position your hands so that they wrap around your shoulders, with the thumbs placed on your trapezoids. Then massage them gently.

Step 9: Don't end too abruptly

Once your massage is over, don't stop suddenly! Prolong the pleasure completing your work with caresses and tender gestures. During your last manoeuvre, place your hand on the back of the person being massaged to gently break contact, then remove it.

Overall, to know how to give a massage that is both precise and deep, it is especially important tolisten to the other. We advise you to adapt your movements according to the reaction of the person you are massaging. You can thus determine pain and pleasure points to act accordingly. Above all, we must stay delicate and take it slow.

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