How does an electric massage chair work?

comment fonctionne un fauteuil massant électrique

 What's better than a relaxing and relaxing massage after a long day at work? To eliminate accumulated tension and relax, this is the best solution! But many of our customers often ask us the question: How does an electric massage chair work?

In this article, find all the answers to your questions and discover everything you need to know about this unique method of relaxation! 

By what mechanism can we have such exceptional massages? 

The professional massage chair is a true revolution for all those who wish to loosen and get rid of all toxic emotions absorbed over the course of a day. The principle is simple: it reproduces the gestures an manual massage as if you were in a institute

The advantage? It is that you have the possibility of carrying it out at home, in your own comfort et intimitate. It's still much more enjoyable!

But how does an electric massage chair work? As we have explained to you, this is a mechanism that reproduces the exact gestures from the hands of a real professional. This is possible thanks to rolls and massage balls that run through your whole body.

They make it possible to reproduce massage techniques sophisticated to bring you ever more well-being.

Other armchairs can also be used to diffuse heat or add vibes spread all over the body. 

How does an electric massage chair work on the body? 

wife getting massage in bodyfriend massage chair

Thanks to these massage balls and these rolls, the mechanism spreads over the whole body from head to toes

Depending on the different modes, the chair will vary the intensities and pleasures by mixing all sorts of techniques such as kneading (relieve tension), the tapping (tapping along the spine), the dual action (to intensify the effects), the pummeling and swedish massage (revitalize by improving blood circulation).

At Bodyfriend, our armchairs adapt completely to the forms your body and the type of massage you want. They can therefore go from 4 rolls massage to 2 rolls, depending on the area to be relaxed.

For example, the use of 2 rolls gives a massage intensive and focused on shoulder muscles. On the other hand, to achieve all tensions located in the back muscles, 4 massage rollers will be in action.

In addition, our rollers have long rotary axes, which can reach large areas and give you a deeper massage. depth.

Mental relaxation for more comfort

Each massage is tailored to your needs, the massage balls as well as the rollers will therefore adopt the best position and perfect move to vary between a massage delicate for smaller muscles and a bigger massage intensive for big muscles.

If our professional massage chairs are conceptual, it's not for nothing ! In addition to their many massage rollers and balls, they have the ultimate secret for the mental relaxation successful!

When your brain massage, binaural beats are broadcast to get you a state of total calm. These are sounds exploiting the reactivity of the brain and making it possible to multiply the concentration, to promote positive moods and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of deep relaxation

If you are wondering how an electric massage chair works, know that cerebral relaxation is an integral part of the decontraction process.

State-of-the-art engines for more well-being!

Our health is a resource precious, and we must take care of it. And that starts above all with giving yourself time and knowing to make a break when your body needs it. 

For this, the electric massage chair offers you its best assets to allow you to recover and revitalize your body faster. 

The powerful engines introduced inside the relax armchair allow you to vary the pleasures by alternating between 16 automatic modes different.

In addition, the electric massage chair has one of the latest technologies: zero gravity ! Thanks to its mechanisms, the chair will tilt 170°, until reaching the “neutral position".

According to NASA studies, it is a position automatically adopted by the body in weightlessness. This allows you to create a perfect alignment legs with the heart and relax completely muscles. Thus, it reduces the pressure, help him blood to circulate better, and relaxes the muscles of the back. Your whole body will feel lighter.

How to use an electric massage chair? 

man wondering how to use electric massage chair

The massage chair is overall very tailored of use. However, it is necessary to take a good look at the instructions to properly assimilate and discover all the potential from your chair.

Then all you have to do is settle in comfortably in your chair and start the desired program via your remote control. You can then decide to perform a massage specific, a tilt or total relaxation of the mind!

It's as simple as that ! 

For the rest, all you have to do is relax, the armchair takes care of the rest. Your only mission: to enjoy a instant of absolute happiness and not think about anything.

Your body is so fragile, it deserves you to offer it the best of comfort.

With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything around you.