How to Recreate a Luxurious Spa Day at Home

Comment recréer une journée de spa luxueuse à la maison

There's nothing better than a day dream in a spa, to relax in luxurious surroundings while being pampered for hours. Lately, access to treatment and relaxation areas is unfortunately complicated. be pampered, however, provides beaucoup benefits and there is no doubt that we need it more than ever right now. While the anxiety persists and that the need for personal care is becoming more and more felt, it is possible to recreate an experience de personalized spa at home.

The good news, is that'with Bodyfriend loungers, creating a luxury spa day at home has never been easier. SummerIt can be as simple or as sophisticated as you wish. Whether adding just a mask face or dare touched comforting such as candles and music, these elements can donner a news The to your Bodyfriend experience.

So how do you recreate a luxurious spa day at home?

Choose a space calme :

Above all, your Bodyfriend chair should be set up in a comfortable and relaxing space, a place where you can retreat after a busy day., away from your work environment. It's a very personal choice : for some it's the bedroom and for others it's the living room or a room dedicated. Whatever the location, make sure it is calm, warm and welcoming.

Light a scented candle :

The perfume is an important element of the spa experience. THEhen you enter a spa, you are surrounded by a wonderful scent that automatically triggers a feeling of calm. Choose a candle with notes of bergamot, lavender or sandalwood to help you fall into a deep, soothing sleep when you go to bed at the end of the day.

Optimize lighting :

Lighting is a for another important aspect and have very personal. Having a dimmable light instead of full room lighting allows to create a relaxed atmosphere. Think of lighting at ground level if that is possible - a looking lamp will do just fine. For those who need total darkness to desensitize, try a hydrating eye mask, , here islands the world video shooting and revitalizes tired eyes.

Disconnect :

La music is a great option to help us clear our minds and find calm. Our massage chairs offer a multi-sensory experience with built-in speakers and connectivities Bluetooth, USB and AUX which offer a sound of great quality and a real pleasure to listen to. To find a playlist ideal for the spa Is not difficult.

Spotify is the ideal solution and offers a selection of playlists of relaxation all ready. Meditation apps are another great way to disconnectr - Headspace and Calm are our favorites - et, si the heart tells you, maybe try an audiobook on Audible.

Le skincare face to the maison :

Facials will most likely be the focus of your spa session. We all need to get ourselves a detox facial several times per week. Our GLED mask is the perfect solution, it's skin care and massage all in one, using galvanic massage with micro-pulses and LED light combined, available for purchase in October. Whether it's our GLED mask, a gentle exfoliator or a mask face oxygenating, these treatments will bring a healthy glow and a smoother and clearer complexion.

Take care of your feet :

The best way to make your pedicure spa-worthy is with a foot massage, what our chair offers Pharaoh S II. Thanks to features specials such as acupressure pads for the soles of the feet, a 3-step foot roller and a calf roller, your feet will benefit from a treatment worthy of an eultimate home spa experience. Combine-Le with a high end pedicure and you will feel completely relaxed from head to toe.

Once you have recreated your own home spa experience, it will be a haven of relaxation where you will want to retreat to each day. Your Bodyfriend chair will do most of the work for you, the other elements can provide a luxury experience by additional keys. Our massage chairs are the perfect alternative to a personal massage, favoring daily well-being and a healthier future through advanced Korean technology can provide ten more years of healthy life. The present does not wait, take the time this weekend and treat yourself to a spa-worthy treatment.