The futuristic massage chair from Bodyfriend: why is it unique?

fauteuil futuriste bodyfriend

 Finally, what is an armchair? A comfort piece of furniture that you don't necessarily think of when you're on it. It's about adding a certain well-being without really taking care of your body. But what if we told you that today an armchair is no longer just an armchair. It is much more than that. At Bodyfriend, we've come up with a futuristic chair that won't do you all good. He will heal you.

So why is the professional massage chair the best choice for you? We tell you everything in this article! 

Imagination and creativity in the futuristic Bodyfriend chair 

Imagine that you go to your institute every week to get a treatment that will only soothe you for a while. Most massages only do ease the pain or at least reduce it for a while. It's not about do good to your body

Thanks to the best of technology, our futuristic armchair now offers you a real work of master of relaxation. Using rolls and massage balls, the mechanism makes it possible to reproduce the exact gestures of a true professional. But a Bodyfriend massage chair is not just that.

Have you ever dreamed of having your own institute at home, without having to leave your comfort zone? 

Finally find a comfort adapted to your needs

Today, we no longer want to waste our time reading instructions, looking for the type of treatment that will be best suited to your pain or trying to understand this new world around us. We let's evolve and U.S develop at remarkable speed. This is why we have used all our creativity to offer you an armchair futuristic design at a time tailored et ultra sophisticated. The goal is not to dazzle you. 

armchair with futuristic design in front of a city landscape at night

We have favored the comfort et the efficacy. At Bodyfriend, we offer you the opportunity to give your body all the well-being that he deserves. It's not just a need, it's a need. It goes far beyond simple comfort. 

And because we consider it a rest at a time intimate et personnel of the body, we know that it is essential that you can relax in the place where you feel the best: at your house.

Le futuristic armchair that we have designed offers you the best of technology to meet your needs, whether physical ou mental. By hitting specific targets, it allows you to release every part of your body by acting in depth.

Professional massages that adapt to you

Many tend to imagine that a futuristic style is just a matter of design. From top-of-the-range luxury models to simple and refined rendering, we could communicate on the visual quality of our massage chairs. At Bodyfriend, we prefer to highlight the technical perfection that we have taken so long to put in place.

The futuristic armchairs that we have designed are not only restful and relaxing. It's about a high tech worthy of the greatest massage professionals.

To ensure the total repair of your body, functions of kneading, tapping, acupressure, combined massage and virtual hands offer you the net plus ultra of relaxation.

Thanks to a device that adapts perfectly to your silhouette and which precisely matches the shape of your body, the pains are better targeted and the parts of the body better repaired. From head to toe, our professional chairs offer you a personalized integral massage for each of your muscles.

Discover a new state of depth with our futuristic armchair

At Bodyfriend, we wanted to go further than the simple state of well-being. After intense effort, significant pressure, and excessively developed nervous tension, the body becomes fragile. The problem is that we do not necessarily realize the weight that our body undergoes on a daily basis. 

Do you know the effects of stress on your body ? For many, it's just a matter of mental. Yet the body uses its strengths, muscles and abilities to successfully keep us upright, present and focused. By dint of drawing too much on our reserves, we end up weakening and after a while, your body lets go completely.  

Stressed woman sitting at her desk

To avoid all this, it is important totake care of your body and health daily. Some pathologies can occur more quickly than we think. When it comes to a simple thing to do. 

What few people know is that the Massages help temporarily relax your body. You come out of your session relaxed, but as soon as a source of tension resurfaces, you find your twitching from the body. And this we know well.

This is why our futuristic armchair goes far beyond simple relaxation. It's about immersing your body and your mind in a state of deep relaxation. By creating a link between your different elements, you will be able to do better circulate your energy. Thanks to the ultra-developed technology of our massage chairs, each nerve ending of the body is completely soothed. 

By reducing the effects of stress on your body, you allow yourself to heal. You allow your body to regenerate whether through a restorative sleep or a relaxation of all your muscles. 

zero gravity technology 

Have you ever thought of going into space one day while staying at home?

It can be seen as an impossible dream. But why not do everything to approach it? After years of research, we wanted to create a device capable of reproducing ideal body position, the one he takes when he is not suffering pressure

Whether in space, in weightlessness, or even in the water, your body adopts a position that aligns both the body and the heart. To help you live a unique depth experience, we have installed in our devices, and in particular the Pharaoh SII, Phantom II, Palace II and Elizabeth, a function zero gravity.

By making a perfect alignment elements of your body, so you can experience a real sensation relief weight while forgetting every tension thanks to a 170° tilt. Nothing exists around you, don't think about anything anymore and empty your mind completely. 

An ideal total relaxation device in a futuristic interior

what is a futuristic interior ? Again, the concepts of minimalist, uncluttered, technology will resurface. For us, a futuristic interior is an interior that is above all adapted to your needs and that helps you to have a better life.

futuristic interior decoration living room

Certainly, technology can help you have simple, effective and time-saving tools. But is futuristic decoration for you? Do you feel good when you get home? 

For relaxation to be complete and total, it must be done in a soothing environment, in which we feel good. Within your home, it is therefore always important to keep a place of meditation and to relax. A place where there is no longer any question of everyday life, routine, work and pressure. You will have already done a great deal of the loosening work.

In these difficult times, we know that many have had to adopt remote working as a new way of working. This can bring negative waves within your home, which is meant to be a real bubble of well-being. This is why we strive to offer you the best of technology thanks to our futuristic massage chair.

Maintain a wellness space at home. By creating a place of happiness in your home with our massage chair, give yourself the power to attract positive vibes. Don't see your home as a second office anymore, but rather as a temple of well-being.

Le futuristic style of our massage chairs offers you the best of relaxation. So that you can live in your time, without missing a beat.

With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything around you.