Professional massage chair: A worthwhile investment

deux fauteuils massants professionnel

The reasons why you need to have a professional massage chair

Did you know that a professional massage chair could save you time, energy and above all help you to think of only one thing: your well-being. A massage chair, but a multitude of possibilities.

So why not bring the well-being and softness of a massage home by choosing the best professional chair? Here are the reasons why it absolutely must have its place in your home!

Why use a professional massage chair?

We know that today, and more than ever, we must take care of our body and provide it with the best possible comfort so that it can help you surpass yourself every day

And if technology goes to such lengths to meet the needs of your being, it's not for nothing. Your body is the first support that is affected by your lifestyle and the intensity of your movements. 

So, whether you are an athlete, an entrepreneur, a father or a mother, or simply an active worker, it is important to do not neglect your personal well-being, but on the contrary, to maintain it.  

Stress, the accumulation of tasks, daily anxieties, fatigue. You know, a overwork can happen quickly. 

And how can we succeed in relaxing when current sanitary conditions force us to restrict our physical activity and prevent our moment of relaxation?

The professional massage chair is a way to do good to your body and mind by combining different types of massages. It allows you to massage all the parts of your body to bring you a incomparable comfort in your everyday life.

And the added benefit is that you can benefit from your massage session when you want and at home !

The physical benefits of its use

After a day of work or intensive training, there is certainly no more room for the effort of moving to your place of well-being and chaining several types of massages to succeed in fill your whole body.

So why not bring all these actions together in one tool while having the possibility of stay home ?

Much better than a usual professional massage, the massage chair provides an intense moment of relaxation in order to find yourself with yourself and clear your mind. 

Thanks to its movements, you will be able to relax completely thanks to functions that allow you to achieve emotional tranquility while leaving behind you both fatigue et intense stress

Stressed and tired man in the office

The professional massage chair is equipped with the best technologies that can also have positive effects on your endocrine system, your system digestive as well as your abilities respiratory to make them more efficient and improve their functioning.

But that's not all. Its deep massages will help you improve your blood circulation while relaxing all of your muscles. 

Mental relaxation increases your daily abilities

It is important to note that to feel good in your mind, you have to feel good in your body. In your everyday life, your intellectual abilities and your way of acting can be greatly impacted by imbalances or physical disorders. 

Less concentration, reduced ability to react and adapt, more fatigue, it's all a mental process which arises in these cases. 

By turning to the massage chair, you give yourself the opportunity to rediscover yourself and free yourself from your negative emotions. In lowering your blood pressure and by pressing on the sensitive points of your body, you will be able to free your mind and thus regain all of your intellectual capacities. 

More motivation, more energy, less mental fatigue, it is with a liberated state of mind that you will be able to face everyday life and surpass yourself!  

Where can I find a quality professional massage chair?

At Bodyfriend, we add a new dimension to massages. It's not just about wellness, it's a total reconstruction of your body

Facade of the Bodyfriend showroom in Paris

From head to toe, your whole body is transcended during a multi-sensory experience. Appealing to all your senses means becoming aware and raising your mind to a higher level to experience total peace.

 A service specially designed for you

At Bodyfriend, we take care that everyone can rediscover themselves and enjoy the best well-being features. 

This is why each professional massage chair has been designed above all for you

This is a unique experience that is tailored to your needs. Thanks to its analysis functions, it will be able to provide you with a massage adapted to the position and shape of your body

In addition, your chair will measure your stress level to act on areas of tension and adapt its intensity according to your need for relaxation.

Our professional massage chairs are therefore, and you will understand, much more than massages. This is true healing for your body

Massaging and soothing functions

Our goal is simple: to extend 10 years your life expectancy while staying healthy.

You don't think we can? Wait to discover the many features of our professional chairs! 

Bodyfriend Professional Massage Chairs

Kneading, tapping, Acupressure, while set up to offer the best to your body and allow it to relax completely. From your first use, you will perceive the effects of a erasing muscle contractions and tensions as well as total relaxation of your mind.

At Bodyfriend, nothing is forgotten. And to perfect their efficiency, our chairs have technology that allows you to focus on the well-being of your head, your neck and your entire back. This is conceptual massage technology XD 

By calling on Bodyfriend, you will also discover our system Zero Gravity ! Thanks to this incredible function, you will finally be able to know what the feeling of weightlessness is! This will allow you to feel lighter which helps enormously in easing tensions as well.

How to choose a professional massage chair?

At Bodyfriend, we have the best of technology in order to offer you a product that meets your expectations. This is why we have set up different types of massages to best meet your needs. 

Products as a result of numerous clinical trials and researches, our armchairs assure you both mental and physical comfort that will help you surpass yourself in everyday life. 

And because each piece is unique, we invite you to discover which one will be perfectly suited to your desires by booking a session to come and free your body and mind in our premises located in Paris. 

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With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything around you.