The new way to treat yourself: revenge buying

La nouvelle manière de se faire plaisir : l’achat revanche

In recent weeks we hear more and more of a new marketing concept called "purchase revenge ". Consumers have been deprived of many things during lockdown and since restrictions have been eased, they are giving free rein to theirs desires purchases represseds, in particular for luxury goods.

Whether it's treating yourself or treating yourself to a little something special, it's a well-deserved gift after these a few difficult months. Whether have de find its good habits, especially while shopping en family and with his friends, the lifting of restrictions makes it possible to have fun by making a shopping cure.

The new way to treat yourself: revenge buying

As travel andt the long-awaited holidays are still limited, we need to find other ways to spend our money to regain balance and escape the stress of everyday life. Health and wellness products and services that reduce our anxiety are more important than ever.

Massage is an effective way to reduce stress and relax, while being very beneficial for health. It helps manage stress, improves sleep quality, reduces symptoms of anxiety and chronic pain, and helps overcome memory problems.

Although focused on the physical body, massage is also a meditative experience that helps clear the mind, leaving a sense of rest and revitalization.

However, the majority of us are not lucky enough to have a personal masseuse to benefit from this daily service, which is actually non-existent in our current environment.

How Bodyfriend can help ?

Owning a Bodyfriend massage chair is the perfect solution to all of these problems. Each of our products is designed for those who value their health and well-being.

Our products offer exceptional design and functionality, and provide a premium experience. By analyzing the unique contours of your body, each Bodyfriend experience is personalized and our range of massage chairs and treatments offers performances optimals.

Daily use of our chairs provides mental relaxation et a state of consciousness conducive to emotional fullness, and the release of tiredness and du STRESS. Our massage techniques have positive effects on the endocrine, digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems, among others.

own a home allows you to enjoy a massage without having need to leave the house, or pay fees or have to take appointment. Being able to get a massage whenever you want in the comfort of your home is changing any.

A spa session home ?

With a little creativity and organization, it is also easy to bring in the spa experience in your home.

You can try aromatherapy with calming essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus, or apply a hair or face mask, letting it soak up these wonderful nutrients as you relax in a deep and quiet massage of the whole body. Or if you'd rather do something while getting a massage, why not treat yourself to a do-it-yourself manicure or pedicure.

Whether your revenge purchase with Bodyfriend takes place in one of our showrooms in Paris or Milan or that you prefer our Online Store, you will enjoy impeccable service and a luxurious experience.

Bodyfriend is an investment for your home which will allow you to improve your health and manage your stress. It's the perfect time to build new habits and improve your well-being for years to come.

During COVID-19, BODYFRIEND receives only by appointment. For this please contact us at +33 1 4772 0505 or by email