The nap chair: How to get back in shape in the best conditions?

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Increasingly installed in our daily lives, the nap is becoming essential for many people. In addition to giving you energy, it allows you to take a break to repair your body and regenerate it. But is it a good idea? Should we turn to a nap chair?

In this article, find everything you need to know about the benefits of having a nap chair at home or at work!

The daily nap, why is it important?

At night, when you sleep, your body regenerates. A good night's sleep helps your body regain forces both from a point of view physical which cerebral. This is the reason why you should never neglect a rest.

This is what theNational Institute for Prevention and Health Education (1). This study demonstrated that 45% of French people lacked sleep. And this can have serious consequences on our daily life.

When we don't get enough sleep, we are more likely to have drowsiness, problems of concentration et attention or alternatively forget. At work or even on the go, this cognitive disorganization can actually become dangerous to your own health.

Reduction of immune defenses, risk ofobesity (and therefore diabetes), nervous system imbalance, rest is no longer just a comfort, it has become an imperative.

Having a nap chair therefore improves your skills on a daily basis, but also to promote attention in your everyday life.

What about the nap chair at work?

nap at work


According to a NASA study, the nap of a twenty minutes would improve performance by 34% and alertness by 54%.

In addition, another rather interesting study carried out by Harvard Medical School, has shown that “insomnia costs the American workforce $63,2 billion a year”. A lack of sleep is therefore equal to a loss efficiency and a loss money.

So why not go to massage chair ?

Long perceived as a sign of laziness, the nap has had many connotations negative. When an employee made the nap, he was perceived as a bad element for the company.

However, more and more professionals are beginning to realize the benefits a nap during working hours. This is the reason why rest areas are starting to multiply in professional places.

Which nap chair to choose?

two bodyfriend massage nap chairs

So that your sleep is of the best quality, it is important to choose the massage nap chair that will meet your expectations and your desires.

If you used to take a break in your office chair or any other furniture that was very unrelaxing for your body, know that the benefits will be completely reversed.

A bad posture and poor quality sleep amount to no sleep. Your physical and intellectual abilities are affected.

Rule number 1 is comfort first.

Your body supports all the weight of your fears, of your stress and your agitation daily, so it deserves the best softness when resting. It helps you fall asleep more deeply and better regenerate your body.

The nap chair: How to get back in shape in the best conditions?

When we ask too much of our body, without taking the necessary precautions, too much stress can have real impacts on your health. What you need to know is that there is a link that unites our body to our mind.

This is the reason why, when there is a delusion, this is usually reflected on the body in different forms. You should never neglect the apples to the rescue of your body, as they can be important signals of discomfort mental.

For your body to be maximum of his abilities, it is therefore necessary to favor a nap chair that involves the latter as a whole. At Bodyfriend, we have set up chairs that give you a real feeling of weightlessness.

Our lift nap chair has a 170° recline that gives your body a total feeling of relief. In addition to a deep massage, your mind will be freed from all tension. You will find out what is the ideal position to take a break. The Zero Gravity position offers perfect alignment of your legs with your the heart thereby plunging you into a state of immediate well-being.

The relaxation massage chair

At Bodyfriend, our chairs help you recover from energy so that your body can be perfectly dénddu to accommodate a deep sleep.

The Massages enter your skin and throughout your body to release any muscle tension. This allows your being to go directly into the deep regeneration phase without wasting time with the light sleep.

Overall, your body will regain a vitality from head to toes. You will be able to forget the lack of attention. Whether at home or at work, there is never a bad time to take care of your health and strength. 

It's about giving your body what's good for it. Massages adapted to your morphology and total relaxation of each of your limbs, you will be impressed by all that your body can bring you when it is full of vivacity.

With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything around you.


(1) National Institute for Prevention and Health Education (INPES). 2008. The French and sleep. On line :