The 4 best massagers for lower back pain!

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With a hectic daily life, we do not necessarily realize the pain of our body. By pressing on this pain unconsciously, you risk developing much more serious pathologies. Do you know that there are massages for lower back pain that you can do yourself? 

With a busy schedule, we know it's hard to find time to pamper yourself. Discover the list of the 4 best massages to perform yourself, and without having to leave your home!

The best massagers for lower back pain

If lower back pain affect nearly 9 out of 10 French people, it's not for nothing. This is because it is essential to maintain your health on a daily basis by relieving your body of daily activities. It is not only necessary to press on an area of ​​your back that hurts you, it is precise and delicate techniques

We are therefore going to bring you ultimate solutions to restore your back and thus relieve pain. These 4 self-massage techniques can be done at home or at work.

#1. Relieve the lumbar

lumbar massage

Using your fingers, you will exercise pressures placing your hands on your lumbar. These must be installed face to face on either side of your spine

You can thus alternate the movements varying with a coming and going or by changing the direction of the pressure. To add more intensity to your massage for back pain, we also advise you to maintain support a few seconds to provide deep relief. 

To completely relax the muscles, do not hesitate to use a massage oil or an hot towel. Heat helps to accelerate blood circulation, and therefore has virtues analgesics about your pain.

Massage balls to relieve the lower back

Today, for lack of time and perhaps also of motivation, many decide to turn to self massage methods. This method of relaxing lumbar remains a great classic that can also be made using Balles or rolls quite flexible. 

Just settle in back to a wall and place the object at the level of your lower back. Then you will be able to do roll the ball along your lower back by performing up and down or sideways movements with your body (this exercise can also be done in a seated position).

The problem is, all it takes is one wrong move for the pain to intensify. At Bodyfriend, we have developed a professional massage chair which uses the method of bowls and massage rollers.

Where it differs from classic massages is that it allows target tension. In addition, the mechanism adapts to the back area treat. It's a real professional massage which is offered to you and without you even having to do anything.

No. 2. Massage the buttocks to relax the lower back

Lower back pain can be the result of many micro voltages that spread throughout your body. They may come from your foot arch, but also of your legs or even your diaper. The lumbago for example is due to a false movement. The sciatica is a pain that combines both a muscle tension in the lower back and buttocks.

So what massages help relieve lower back pain?

Here, several methods are available to you. First, we recommend getting into a seated position. Using your hands, you will be able to make circular massages just above your buttocks, at the beginning of your spine. Thus, you will be able to move the tension by making movements with your index and your middle finger outward. 

On the other hand, you can also perform a massage to relieve the back while lying down. To do this, simply place Balles under your butt and release your whole body completely. The bullets will exert a pressure on your muscles. To add depth to your massage, do not hesitate to make circular movements with your basin

Air cushions to improve the feeling of well-being

Your diaper is what connects leg pain to your back. It is therefore a question of totally relaxing each of your limbs to prevent it from spreading and impacting your lumbar.

At Bodyfriend, our high-end massage chairs all have a system of air cushions. Installed at the size , hips and gluteal muscles, they act in depth to help you eliminate the tensions accumulated during your day.

This allows you to relax your muscles and act directly on your entire spine starting with your buttocks. Our body can be more sensitive than we think. We must therefore make sure to provide him with the best of the relaxation daily. Only pain, even insignificant, can cause significant damage. So to avoid this, a professional massage chair brings comfort and ideal well-being to your body. 

No. 3. Massage pressure points to relieve the lower back

pressure points massage

At Bodyfriend, we attach great importance to the uniformity of a body. You should know that it is not only a question of false movements. A bad posture, regular use of high heels for a woman or even heavy legs, each of these elements are connected to your lower back.

To relieve lower back pain, it is therefore necessary to take into account the elements that cause these tensions, starting with your feet.

Feel free to relax the palm of your feet by performing circular massages on this area. The foot reflexology is often considered to have beneficial effects on your whole body. Whether to relieve a muscle tension or to stimulate your body energy, foot massage helps to feel better and alleviate the overweight from the body. 

Bring a feeling of lightness to your body

So that you can recover more easily from the efforts made on a daily basis, you must promote the circulation of nutritional elements in your body. The latter can better regenerate with more and more energy. And this involves the elimination of points of tension to help your blood circulate better. 

Our massage balls therefore have this restorative function of the body. Installed just below your feet, they help you completely relax your foot arch in order to reduce pain. In addition, the air cushions installed at the level of your calves improve blood circulation in all of your legs. You get rid of all feeling of heaviness and immerse yourself in a state of total well-being.

This will help eliminate the pain and prevent it from creeping up your lower back.

#4. Never neglect stretching!

man stretches

Considered the evil of the century, back pain is increasingly present among working people. Staying in the same position for several hours is very bad for your back. To prevent lower back pain from appearing, we recommend that you regularly perform Stretching.

To do this, simply place your hands at the level of your lower back. Next, raise your back in it growing backward without moving the rest of your body. In a seated or standing position, you will be able to relieve tension or prevent it from developing. 

For there to be more benefits to your gestures, we recommend that you perform these movements every hour. You can also perform exercises rotation by placing yourself in a chair. Install both hands on the back of the latter and use them to turn your back et shoot it. Putting your hands on the right side of your body, turn to the right, and vice versa. 

Which massage for lower back pain? A professional massage! 

Finally, it is quite difficult to cure oneself of a muscle pain. Without specific skills and thanks to these techniques, you will be able to ease the pain but she can come back just as soon.

At Bodyfriend, we are aware of this. And to relieve the whole of your body, you need a real professional massage. This is why we have developed, using the best technologies, a unique chair with restorative virtues.

To bring you a feeling of complete well-being, our rolls et bowls reproduce the exact movements of a back massage performed by a professional. In addition, through techniques acupressure, tapping and kneading, be sure to completely eliminate any lower back pain with the best relaxation methods.

Treat your body to a massage to fix your back pain and never suffer pain in your back again. lumbar

With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything around you.