The BEST relaxation methods for a free spirit!

méthodes de relaxation

We are confronted every day with anxieties, significant fatigue, varying rhythms of life, and this has a huge impact on our brain skills. There are various relaxation methods that help curb these harmful effects on your health. 

In this article, we have gathered for you the best techniques to ensure relaxation and relaxation on a daily basis. 

Why use relaxation methods? 

These are more than 480,000 people who found themselves faced with a burn out or a épuisement professional according to the epidemiological bulletin published in 2015. Unfortunately, these numbers are only increasing year after year. 

So many people have considered a little fatigue regular or a decrease in concentration as a passenger. However, our body needs to eliminate the toxins accumulated during the day. 

Muscle tension and exhaustion therefore have an impact on our health since they generally lead to a drop in concentration, memory loss and increased anxiety.

Restful sleep for a healthy body

a restful sleep

When too much tension is kept, the whole nervous system will become unbalanced. If you are still wondering why you should turn to relaxation methods, it is simply because your body cannot contain so many negative charges

It is actually a continuous circle since with a stress important, sleep is less good quality and fatigue accumulates. Subsequently, the tensions will grow and little by little, your mental abilities will deteriorate since you will have more and more difficulty in manage your emotions.

It is therefore by being relaxed that you will be able to sleep better and thus to better channel your feelings to surpass yourself on a daily basis. 

Use a professional massage chair to eliminate any tension

use a massage chair

It is often difficult to know where anxiety at his body level. It is such a mysterious element and within which everything is connected. 

This is the reason why some muscle tension can be relieved at completely opposite points. So why not leave a massage chair do it for you? 

At Bodyfriend, we propose to combine both technique of relaxation, meditation et to relax thanks to our professional chairs who offer you an exceptional massage.

Finally, you have the possibility of having all the comfort of a professional massage while remaining comfortably installed at home. 

Total peace of mind day and night 

Here is your whole body which is taken into account so that it is fully released and releases all the negative voltages. There is therefore no longer any need to choose which type of relaxation would suit you best since any source of anxiety will be localized and relaxed.

Because a healthy body is a body that has the capacity to surpass itself on a daily basis, our conceptual massage system gives you happiness from head to toe. 

Every muscle is completely relaxed thanks to many functions such as the kneading, tapping, acupressure and massage which is deep and wide so you can refuel everyday and get a restful sleep at night. 

So it's one experience at a time. unique et healer that helps you improve your concentration, your memory and to encourage the brain activities while providing you with incomparable well-being. 

An anti-stress relaxation session thanks to yoga 

anti-stress yoga relaxation

It is obvious that the meditation has exceptional health benefits mental and physical. Here, body and mind become one and everything around us is set aside so that we can only focus on one thing: us

Probably the best-known relaxation exercise in the field of well-being, the virtues of yoga are many. Between stretching the body and mental appeasement, it is a question of seizing the negative emotions to channel them. 

By performing stretching movements, you will be able to relax your body by eliminating muscle tension to make your body more flexible and more likely to protect itself from the harmful effects of everyday life. 

Free your mind with yoga

By practicing yoga, you will also be able to focus on your concentration. Combining breathing and well-being, it allows you toforget all sources of anxiety or at least to see the tensions in another way in order to better accommodate them. 

It all hinges on the question of the balance. That of body, being and spirit. For each of the elements to agree, emotional and physical blockages must be eliminated. 

However, it is necessary to practice yoga regularly appear because the positive effects will not be visible from the first try. 

Breathing, a simple relaxation exercise

The one that follows the rhythm of your heart, which accelerates at the slightest anguish and that allows him to calm down, it's your breathing

The connection it has with the heart is essential, which is why focusing on your breathing is an anti-stress relaxation method.

In addition, the belly is for some considered our second brain because it remains very independent of our body. Breathing therefore also passes through the belly, it is therefore a question ofsoothe your whole body and so your two “brains”. 

Yoga, meditation, sophrology, all include breathing as a relaxation exercise. She is the binder between each. By opening your diaphragm and by relaxing completely, a feeling of well-being will spread through you. 

Cardiac coherence 

Well known for reducing both stress and anxiety, the cardiac coherence is a very simple breathing exercise. As its name suggests, it helps regulate the heart rate which tends to accelerate when tension arises. 

The principle is very simple, you will inhale for 5 secondsthen exhale for 5 seconds. In all, that's 6 breaths per minute.

For this rapid relaxation technique to be effective, we recommend that you perform it during 5 minutes, And this 3 times daily.  

Heart coherence is a great way to regulate your body. 

Sophrology, an elevation of the mind and thoughts 

By combining both muscle relaxation, breathing et visualization, sophrology restores energy thanks to the positivism it brings to our body. 

When you feel a stress important, it is a question of looking at the problems in another way and thus of drawing positive in everything around us. It's not just an exercise, it's a state of mind and an assurance that is reinforced. 

You already know what muscle relaxation and breathing exercises consist of, since we mentioned them just above. But do you know what is visualization

This is an exercise that consists of sending positive vibes to his brain so that he projects himself into a pleasant situation. 

Visualization to make our brain travel 

By visualizing and imagining places, remembrances, or simply by having positive thoughts, your brain will be able to immerse itself entirely in this state of well-being since it is difficult to make the difference between the reality and its opposite. 

Thanks to this rapid relaxation method, you will be able to react better to stress and anxiety in your daily life. In general, this technique is related to that of mental imagery (imagine soothing images to project his brain). 

Relaxation methods: Exercise to be happy

Exercise to relax

If you think sport is all about body, You are wrong. Apart from its benefits release and looseness, practicing a physical activity releases happiness hormones

This therefore helps to eliminate tension and stress so that you can only focus on your well-being. 

Moreover, the good muscle fatigue will give you a feeling of relaxation that will accompany you even during your night thanks to solid and restorative sleep

With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything around you.