Facial treatment with LED light: When technology and beauty become one!

Soin du visage à la lumière LED

When we have an intense lifestyle and our days are planned to the nearest second, there is little room left for moments of relaxation. And because we know what such a stressful lifestyle can do to your skin, we've developed an LED light facial treatment that gives you both relaxation and well-being.

Product of the best technologies, the GLED Mask is the ultimate care device that performs all your beauty rituals for you because it has impressive virtues!

The ultimate LED light device for deep skin therapy!

The LED light (or Light Emitting Diode) is a light intense and generally Cold which allows to bring to the skin at the same time hydration, quick, regeneration, and well-being.

Whether repairing, consolidating, tightening or even rejuvenating your skin, LED light technology provides a second life to your face as well as all the comfort it deserves.

Total hydration of your skin 

woman with soft and hydrated skin

You have surely happened to abuse your moisturizer in order to relieve a damaged skin by the vagaries of everyday life. The burns, drying out, Sun burn, your skin undergoes a real shock.

Thanks to that freshness, the LED light makes it possible to réparer dry skin or damaged by too much heat in deeply hydrating every pore.

Because a cream can relieve on the surface, this technology penetrates your skin in order to repair precisely et effectively any damage caused by your surroundings.

A LED light facial treatment with restorative properties 

LED face mask

We know how much a scar early or acne too visible can be disturbing. It's a gene very invasive that encroaches on your well-being because ultimately, you only see that.

In this situation, there is unfortunately no miracle cream or magic remedy to make these marks that haunt you disappear. This is the reason why, at Bodyfriend, we use the LED light to perform wonders.

Le GLED mask uses this technology to repair tissue of your skin and thus accelerate the process of healing by energetically reactivating the cells of the epidermis. This is a perfect method for treat possible damage to your skin and in particular acne which can have real impacts on the latter.

Regeneration thanks to LEDs for the skin

Because we also know that beauty as well as eternal youth is the wish of each of us, we wanted to make this dream come true by providing you with a device so that your skin retains its natural glow.

After a few years, the skin loses elasticity due to a decrease in your cell renewal. It has an impact on your fibroblasts which are cells of the dermis in charge of making the collagen et elastin

Don't be afraid of wrinkles anymore! The LED light lamp gives your face a second youth because it avoids this sagging skin so that your skin regains elasticity and firmness.

Along with complete hydration, your skin will get the best of care so you can forever have a radiant complexion thanks to a pore tightening

The process of LED light therapy as the ultimate anti-wrinkle

woman looks at her wrinkles in a mirror

During our life, we will lose cell. At the origin of our capacities for healing, regeneration or evolution, some will gradually lose energy. Their effectiveness will therefore decrease and our body will lose its radiance.

You should know that the cells of our body are very reactive to light. By penetrating your skin, the LED light will therefore reach these cells (including those responsible for the creation of collagen et elastin) easily and thoroughly.

Thanks to a energetic stimulation, they will therefore find a powerful activity in order to cause physical changes on your body.

The facial treatment with LED light is carried out using rays. Our skin is made up of several types of layers. For the repair to be complete, it is therefore necessary to penetrate each of them using intensities more or less high.

Several techniques for different intensities 

La wave length of a light will make it possible to reach different areas of your skin, and it is defined by three colors: The Red, shiso and Blue.

The one that penetrates the most is the Red (630 nm) because it projects directly deep into your dermis. It stimulates your cells responsible for the elasticity of your skin. It therefore activates the process of healing while having virtues anti-aging.

The light green also penetrates the dermis, but focuses mainly on shine et the uniformity of your complexion. Find an astonishing vitality thanks to an attenuation of dark spots. In addition to its physical appearance, green light helps to destress and relax Your spirit.

Finally, the light Blue to focus on the epidermis by attacking the bacteria which impinge on the appeasement and well-being of your skin. Reducing excess sebum, find smooth and acne-free skin every day!

At Bodyfriend, the GLED Mask immerses you in a bath of 1040 LED lights for an ever more radiant face.

And to make your experience more efficient, we have also integrated into our GLED Mask a function “Near infrared” which goes to the level of the subcutaneous tissue to guarantee a total regeneration of your skin!

LED light treatment for total well-being in breathable skin!

woman with beautiful skin

LED light facial treatment is a tool that revolutionize your daily habits. Finally, it's not just a treatment, it's a complete transformation of your cells thanks to effects much more infallible than a rejuvenating cream.

The benefits of this skin treatment and facial with LED light are multiple:

  1. Find a glow incomparable of the skin of your front and your nose
  2. Dazzle those around you with play and chin more luminous than ever.
  3. Gain in age and ensure a eternal youth thanks to a strengthening and elasticity full of your skin.
  4. Give your skin total repair as well as deep hydration

Galvanic massage for more intense penetration

In addition to an LED light lamp that gives your face all the comfort it deserves, we have integrated a function of galvanic massage within your GLED Mask.  

This method helps to absorb the cosmetic products so that they spread deeper and more effectively into your skin.

With the vagaries of everyday life, it is your skin that is the first to suffer from your rhythm of life. She therefore deserves a moment of happiness and pure well-being, no ?

With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything around you.