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Color available: pink only


Le MiniGun de Bodyfriend helps relieve muscle pain and stiffness.

Le MiniGUN de Bodyfriend is very easy to use and transport, so it can be easily used even during your activities exterior.
He is your personal therapist anywhere and anytime.
It helps in better blood circulation, stimulation of body metabolism, and helps relieve fatigue and muscle pain.

A man and woman hold a mini massage guns

Powerful BLDC motor symbol 3 symbol power levels One button Easy to use symbol

Powerful BLDC motor

3 power levels

One button
Easy to use
Mini size that fits in your symbol pocket super light symbol High performance battery symbol

Mini size that fits in your pocket

super light


High performance battery

 point 01 

Optimal size for maximum performance

Optimal size for maximum performance

The MiniGUN, small in size and light (414g) is easily held in one hand.

Without much effort, you can use it and carry it in your small purse.

Enjoy the MiniGUN at all times.

 point 02

Dclean design

Sleek design

In pastel colors reminiscent of cotton candy, its design is simple and suitable for everyone. 

point 03

Equipped with high power and performance BLDC motor

Equipped with high power and performance BLDC motor

The high-powered, high-performance BLDC motor vibrates at up to 3000 RPM and massages deep down to the fascias.

With this powerful and silent motor, you can enjoy 3 levels of massage intensity.

point 04 

Easy intensity control

Easy intensity control

With just one button, you can adjust the intensity to three levels according to your needs. Easy to use for everyone.

point 05

Silent motor

Silent motor

You can use it in public places without worrying about noise. Even at the maximum level, the noise is less than 50Db.

point 06

Personalized massages for each part of the body

Personalized massages for each part of the body

With choices of massage heads suitable for small and large muscle groups, you can enjoy a complete and precise massage.

Small Ball

Small Ball

Arm, back, hip and gluteal muscles



The neck, shoulders and around the lower back



Narrow muscles like the soles of the hands



Joints and deep muscles


point 07

Little long-lasting and powerful battery

mini gun battery

The small battery allows up to 4 hours of use. To prevent overcharging, the product automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of continuous use.

The maximum duration of use may vary depending on the intensity and the load of use.



Nom du produit

massage gun



Rated voltage

DC 7.4 V



Max continuous use time

15 minutes




414 g


The product does not work

- Insufficient battery / Charging the device

-Check if the device is switched on

The product does not charge

-Check the connection between charger and adapter