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Palace II Massage Chair Bodyfriend

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Inspired by the nautical world, Palace was developed by our Research & Development team to immerse you in an ocean of well-being. Unwind and rejuvenate in your Palace II chair. Enjoy a full-body treatment, which pays particular attention to your legs and feet.


Bodyfriend, an expert in premium Korean massage chairs has invented a new generation of massage armchairs with recognised benefits for body and mind.

Remote control of the massage chair

Palace II Massage Chair Bodyfriend Details

1. Massage Techniques

The bodyfriend armchair offers six different massage techniques, inspired by traditional techniques.

Rotating Balls on back Palace II Massage chair

The massage balls are responsible to produce deep movements in the body thereby helping the muscles to contract.

Rotating Balls on shoulder Palace II Massage chair

The rotating device of the massage balls ensures light pressures in the upward and downward movement on shoulders and the back to relieve the muscles.

Rotating Balls on back Palace II Massage chair

The massage balls press vertically from top to bottom to release muscle tension.

Rotating Balls Palace II Massage chair
Combined massage

This technique combines kneading and tapping for double benefit.

Rotating Balls Palace II Massage chair
Virtual Hand Massage

Inspired by manual massage, this technique provides slight pressure on the shoulders and back to relieve and relax.

2. Air cushion equipped massage chairs

Our chairs are equipped with several air cushions/ smart cushions to massage specific body parts.

Rotation in massage chair
1. Headrest

It includes 3 different adjustable settings of the headrest suitable for everyone in the neck and head.

Rotation in massage chair
2. Shoulders

The air cushion is composed of 2 flaps around the shoulders to provide an effective massage in the outer shoulder area.

Rotation in massage chair
3. Arms and Hands

Air cushion in the arms and hands providing an acupressure massage divided into 3 different intensity zones.

Palace II Massage Chair Bodyfriend Details
Rotation in massage chair
4. Waist,Hips and Glutes

Air cushion for massaging the waist, hips and gluteal muscles.

Rotation in massage chair
5. Calves

The air cushion massage the calves to improve blood circulation in the legs.

Rotation In Massage Chair
6. Feet

The air cushion massage the lateral and upper parts of the feet.

Visual of Man Laying on Palace II Bodyfriend Massage Chair

3. S&L technology

Our chairs have a mobile massage system that adapts to the position of your body, forming an S in the back and L on the seat.

4. Zero Gravity

Discover the feeling of weightlessness with our armchairs which reclines at 170 degree.

Reclining Massage Chair Palace II


Movable Massage Chair
5. Long leg Position

Long leg adjustment provides massage throughout the calf, upto an additional 15 cm

Heat Up Massage Chair
6. Heating

The seat heating function allows you to benefit from the action of thermotherapy.

Rotation in Massage Chair
7. Targeted Acupressure

Hand and foot acupressure units act in a targeted manner.

Bluetooth connection massage chair
8. Bluetooth Speakers

Built-in synchronizable speakers allow you to listen directly to the music source of your choice.

Diagram of Person Getting Massage on Chair
9. Automatic Scan

Before each massage, the chair analyses the morphology of the user to provide him with the most suitable and precise massage possible.


Your chair offers you complete personalisation of your massage and relaxation program, twelve predefined programs are also suggested.

Size centered

center Mode

Stretch Mode

Toning Mode

Sleep Mode

Vitality Mode

Upper Body Mode

Lower Body


Hip-up Mode

Golf/ Athlete Mode

Teen Mode


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