The 4 techniques to know how to stop having aches!

comment ne plus avoir de courbatures

Body aches, an inflammatory reaction of the muscle fibres, are generally associated with intense and prolonged movement. These muscular pains can also be the consequence of an uncomfortable position sustained for too long. Some back pain, for example, can appear after being immobilized for a long time in front of a desk. In everyday life, aches can become really blocking when they are too intense. In this article, we offer you 4 effective techniques to know how to stop having aches!

N°1: Take time to warm up first! 

The main purpose of thewarming up, is, as its name suggests, heat your body before an effort. It's about spreadingEnergy throughout your body by accelerating your body temperature and all your nervous system

By better spreading theoxygen, you prepare your muscles, your breathing and your heart to perform better. Also, if the muscle is heated, it becomes more flexible and less fragile. So there is less chance for pain or, or worse, fractures to occur. 

Whether through massage techniques muscle or training in motion, you should never neglect the warm-up!

N°2: Rest (but not too much) 

woman sitting in a heated seat to avoid aches

After a sports session, I imagine that you must tell yourself that a good rest is well deserved. But did you know that this is how you can develop sore abs, legs or arms?

By exercising, your muscles warm up and feel less pain. Except that when you stop, your muscles cool down and thus take longer to réparer effort. We therefore advise you to maintain regular physical activity (even a short 10-minute walk will do the trick!) in order to maintain blood circulation still active. 

As a result, you speed up the muscle tissue repair and be sure you know how to get rid of aches! 

Moreover, it is recommended to practice slight movements even when you are often in a still position for a long time. By the relaxing massage (which heats the muscles) or through exercise, you will avoid cramps and muscle pain! 

#3: Drink lots of water!

young woman in pink t-shirt drink water

If you practice an intense sport, you must realize that you lose a lot of liters of water through perspiration. This is already the first reason why it is important to drink water to find out how to stop having aches. 

When you don't get enough hydration, it means your muscles are weaker. fragile, and therefore more sensitive to inflammatory reaction. This is simply because water helps flush out toxins that have been stored during exercise while promoting the flow of good nutrients. 

In addition, water is known to promote digestion. It allows the carbohydrates to transform in order to become glycogen, which is an important element for the functioning of your muscles. Water therefore helps to accelerate the strengthening of the muscles so as not to have to go through the aches box!

In this same way, the Potassium (raw and dried fruits, oilseeds, etc.) has benefits on the functioning of your muscles, do not hesitate to consume it to reduce pain!

N°4: Heat to relax the muscle

Known as a relaxation technique effective, the use of heat has many benefits for your muscles. As we mentioned a little earlier, heating the muscles allowsaccelerate muscle tissue repair

You should know that the heat is analgesic for the body. Which is a first important point to know how to stop having aches. Indeed, it helps to interrupt the transmission of nervous messages to the brain. 

On the other hand, it accelerates our organism as well as the blood circulation and lymphatic. Thus, the blood and nutrients circulate better to the muscles. In conclusion, your entire body regenerates through heat. 

Massaging heated seats or hot stones, there are many techniques for release the muscles of your body completely and avoid any soreness of the neck, back or legs. Mix at once heat et massage is a perfect combo for recovery.

woman sitting in a heated seat to avoid aches

Now you have the 4 secrets to know how to stop having aches whether before or after an effort!

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