The Bodyfriend massaging heated seat: ALL its benefits!

Siège chauffant massant bodyfriend

If you spend your days behind your desk in a seated and stagnant position, know that your back suffers a lot. This causes tense muscles that are never in action. In the end, you start to develop back pain and your lower back becomes more and more fragile. But this does not mean that there is no solution to overcome this problem. The massaging heated seat helps you maintain the strength of your muscles every day. In this article, discover all the benefits that this tool can have! 

What is a heated massage seat?

On a backrest or on a chair, massage seats allow you to benefit from a back relaxation wherever you want. It acts on your muscles in depth thanks to massage rollers that exert pressure along your spine starting from your neck to finish in the lower back

The main advantage of this massaging backrest is that it reproduces relaxation techniques such as the kneading or tapping. So you can enjoy a professional massage anywhere. To eliminate tension and relax the muscles, they are among the best methods of relaxing the body. 

In addition to this, functions vibrant et heated are usually built into the wellness device. They will allow you to amplify the sensations in order to completely relieve muscle pain and provide you with a state of total calm

After a moment of stress or painful effort, the massage seat is a very good compromise for quick and occasional relaxation.

How does this relaxation device affect the body?

The massage heated seat has several effects on your body. Of course, it brings many benefits for ease the pain and eliminate muscle tension. But that's not all.

Repair the back with heat 

back of a woman on a black background

Well known for relaxing muscles, heat has many benefits in the case of back pain. 

First of all, she acts like Pain killer on your muscle tension. This is explained by the fact that it makes it possible to reduce the transmission of nervous messages to the brain. For example, by applying a hot towel to a pain, you will form a barrier to prevent messages of suffering from reaching the brain. Of course, this is only temporary.

On the other hand, the heat goes accelerate your organisme. The blood circulation is faster, it transmits nutrients more easily to the muscles, it eliminates the toxins and muscles regenerate faster. 

Heat is an element that occurs naturally during a massage. But overall, so the massaging heated seat helps to improve the restorative abilities of your body. 

Completely relax the back muscles

When you exercise, your muscles contract then return to a natural shape. But when it comes to stress or tension, it's a constant situation. The muscles are therefore systematically tense and your body imagines it has to defend itself, but that uses energy. 

Using a massage seat therefore makes it possible toease these tensions by providing mobility and flexibility to your muscles. It works through hormones Dopamine, serotonin, endorphin and in some cases oxytocins, which will be released in your body through this feeling of well-being. These are the triggers of relief and fun.

In this state of total relaxation, your muscles will relax and regain a normal shape. It is in these moments that your body repairs and regain energy. 

How to choose your professional massage chair?

Showroom to choose a heated massage seat

Now that you know all the benefits of buying a massage seat, you'll have to find the one that suits your needs. All in all, it is true that the massages stay for a while intimate et privileged. They are generally associated with the end of efforts or tensions.

We therefore advise you not to use too frequently and in any place your relaxation device. It is important to build a wellness bubble at home and to feel soothed there so that the effects are effective. Using a heated massage seat must therefore be done in an atmosphere soothing et relaxing

You must therefore create a place of relaxation far from all negative waves. It's essential. You will be better able to get away from your daily worries and you escape easier. To relax the body, you have to do the same with your mind in order to focus only on the essentials: you

The only thing to remember when choosing a massage seat is that you should not stop at the price of the product. It's about your body and it deserves the best of relaxation. You must therefore focus on quality above all else. 

In addition, we advise you to test the products beforehand. Some massage techniques may displease you or not suit you. To be sure of making the best choice, you must therefore take into account the comfort above all.

What should be remembered from a heated massage seat?

  • It works with massage rollers
  • Techniques such as kneading and tapping are used
  • The heat acts as painkiller on your body
  • It accelerates the restorative functions of your muscles
  • Seat relieves tension and relaxes muscles 

  • With Bodyfriend, take a few minutes to live a unique experience and forget everything around you.