Fauteuil de massage PALACE II
Fauteuil de massage PALACE II
Fauteuil de massage PALACE II
Fauteuil de massage PALACE II
Fauteuil de massage PALACE II
Fauteuil de massage PALACE II
Fauteuil de massage PALACE II
Fauteuil de massage PALACE II
Fauteuil de massage PALACE II
Fauteuil de massage PALACE II

PALACE II massage chair

Normal price 7.300,00€

Including 7,50€ eco-contribution.

VAT included

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The specifics of the product PALACE II Armchair

body scan Massage XD Full or partial massage Zero Gravity
body scan
Massage XD
choice of massage intensity
Full or partial body massage
Zero Gravity
for a feeling of lightness
Hand acupressure mat Mollet massage Foot massage Heated backrest
Hand acupressure mat
Mollet massage by rollers and airbags
Foot massage by rollers and airbags
Heated backrest
Color choice bluetooth speaker brain massage Ergonomic seat
2 colors to choose
Blue, Burgundy
bluetooth speaker
brain massage
4 integrated sessions
Ergonomic seat
Compact Motion detector Relaxation massage program 16 Auto massage modes
No rear grip
Motion detector of sécurité
Relaxation massage program
Rest and siesta
16 automatic massage modes


Rejuvenate yourself deeply in your Palace II armchair. Savor a full body treatment, which pays particular attention to your legs and feet. Inspired by the nautical world, it was Designed by our research & development department to immerse yourself in an ocean of well-being.

massage technique 

The Palace II armchair analyzes your body to adapt to it perfectly and offers six different massage techniques, inspired by traditional techniques: 

  • Kneading : The modules produce deep movements adapted to muscle contractions.
  • tapping : The device of the modules ensures light pressures to relieve from bottom to top the shoulders and the back.
  • Acupressure : The massage modules press vertically to release muscle tension.
  • Virtual Hands Massage : Inspired by manual massage, this technique provides gentle pressure on the shoulders and back to relieve and relax.  
  • Air cushion massage : Our armchairs are equipped with intelligent air cushions in order to massage the parts of the body.
  • Head rests : 3 different levels of headrest thickness for a suitable neck and head massage.
  • Shoulders : Air cushion of 2 flaps at shoulder level to provide an effective massage at the level of the outer shoulder area.
  • arms and hands : Air cushion in the arms and hands providing an acupressure massage divided into 3 different intensity zones.
  • Waist, Hips & Glutes : Air cushion to massage the waist, hips and gluteal muscles.
  • Calves : The air cushions massage the calves to improve blood circulation in the legs.
  • feet : The air cushions massage the lateral and upper parts of the foot.

S&L technology

Our armchairs have a mobile massage system that adapts to the position of your body, forming an S at the back and an L at the seat.

zero gravity

Experience the sensation of weightlessness and experience a deep sense of relief from weight and tension.

Product Features

Product specifications are subject to change without notice due to product improvements.


Inclination angle 130 ° ~ 170 °
Leg angle 0 ° ~ 113 °
Kneading speed 22~36 times per minute
Kneading width 6 ~ 20cm
tapping speed 250~650 times per minute
Heating temperature max 60 ° C
Food 220V
Rated current 180
Power frequency 60Hz
Auto Timer 10 mins / 20 mins / 30 mins
Shoulders / Arms / Feet / Calves / Hips / Back
Rollers Calves / Feet
massage balls Back / Buttocks
Auto mode 14 auto massage modes
Weight (including packaging) 179 kg
Product weight 147 kg
Coating / Cover Synthetic leather
Reclined chair dimensions (cm) 192(L) X 88(W) X 84(H)
Vertical chair dimensions (cm) 168(L) X 88(W) X 124(H)
Nom du produit Massage chair
Manufacturer BodyFriend

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PALACE II massage chair

PALACE II massage chair


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