The benefits of contactless massage

Les bienfaits du massage sans contact

The benefits of contactless massage.

The new health regulations and restrictions do not mean the end of well-being and care. They offer the opportunity to discover even more effective ways to take care of your body, mind and soul. With the market-leading Bodyfriend chairs, it is always possible to fully enjoy a complete and luxurious spa experience, whether at home, in a beauty salon or in a hotel spa. 

Luxurious massage chairs for the ultimate full body massage experience

Removing the risk factor of virus transmission, Bodyfriend premium massage chairs do not require person-to-person interactions as they provide an unparalleled contactless massage experience. 

This new generation technology is already establishing itself as the future of daily well-being. Each chair scans the unique contours of the body, allowing the experience to be tailored for each user through numerous programs – from patented relaxation and sports therapy, to stress reduction and zero gravity mode. The chairs offer a risk-free massage, whether for a relaxing afternoon or for a deeper tissue massage, ideal for athletes.

The high quality leather used on each chair can be easily cleaned between uses, making it an ideal massage alternative that spa and wellness salons can offer their clients.

How to find the right location for your massage chair

Available in a wide range of models and colors, Bodyfriend chairs can transform a traditional massage room or the corner of a bedroom into a high-end treatment space, where science, technology and well-being merge to create an ultimate rejuvenating experience.

The room you choose for your chair should be calm, warm and welcoming, which will help create a haven for those who want to relax and enjoy a touchless massage.

Choose and test your ideal chair

With a mission to extend healthy life expectancy by 10 years, Bodyfriend has become an expert in innovating technologies that improve mental and physical well-being. Our massage chairs are now available for testing in Bodyfriend's flagship showroom located on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, as well as in Milan.

The team will show you the full range of Bodyfriend armchairs available and study with you the models best suited to your space and your needs of use. You can then personally try out the chairs and choose your future massage experience.

Add a touchless face and foot massage

Why not add an extra – and oh so necessary – touch of well-being to this experience, with incredibly detoxifying massages of the face and, by acupressure, of the feet. Bodyfriend is delighted to offer the GLED Mask as the perfect alternative to traditional facials. The facial device uses galvanic massage with microcurrent and LED lights to create a new kind of premium facial treatment that will leave your skin looking younger, smoother and purer. 

For those who need extra attention for their feet, the Bodyfriend Pharaoh S II incorporates acupressure pads for the soles of the feet, a 3-stage foot roller and a calf roller for stretching, massage and relieve your feet of all tension and pain, leaving you perfectly relaxed and pampered.

With Bodyfriend by your side, you can reassure yourself and relax in the right way, leaving behind all concerns related to Covid-19. Embrace touchless massage innovation with the pioneering health technology brand and the world's number one luxury massage chair maker.