Fauteuil de massage Phantom Rovo
Fauteuil de massage Phantom Rovo
Fauteuil de massage Phantom Rovo
Fauteuil de massage Phantom Rovo
Fauteuil de massage Phantom Rovo
Fauteuil de massage Phantom Rovo

Phantom Rovo massage chair

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The specificities of the Phantom Rovo massage chair

Independent legs
Independent leg movement
Bike mode
Bike mode
Heated massage rollers
Heated massage rollers
Massage XD Pro
More in-depth and personalized action
Zero Gravity
Zero Gravity
for a feeling of lightness

32 automatic programs
Magnetic Hand Acupressure Mat
Magnetic Hand Acupressure Mat
Calf massage with rollers and airbags
Calf massage with rollers and airbags
Foot massage by rollers and airbags
Foot massage by rollers and airbags
body scan
body scan
To adapt to all morphologies
brain massage
brain massage
Sessions with music and voice
Heated backrest
Heated backrest
bluetooth speaker
bluetooth speaker
To listen to your music
Nap and rest mode
Nap and rest mode
To fall asleep during the massage
Motion detector
Security motion detector


Massage sessions combining relaxation of lower body muscles and muscle stretching exercises.

Bike mode
Improves lower body flexibility by relaxing the muscles around the knees and hip joints with circular motions.

Now heating devices installed on the entire surface of the back, at the level of the calves and feet. Three temperature intensities.

87 airbag pockets
Airbags all over the body including shoulders and arms

Safety sensors
15 sensors on each moving part of the chair to guarantee safety for the user and more.

The main equipment

Stimulation by compression of airbags on the shoulders, forearms and arms on the one hand, and the pelvis and buttocks on the other hand Stimulating roller massage along the spine
Compression and stimulation massage for the calves and arches Complementary massage by compression of airbags at the level of the calves

Other features

Bluetooth speaker
High quality stereo sound for programs with sound or to send your music from your mobile.
Zero Gravity
Enjoy a feeling of lightness by minimizing the weight of your body thanks to an adapted elongated position
Compact When the chair reclines, it does not take up more floor space at the back Automatic leg adjustment Leg length is automatically adjusted up to 15cm to suit the user's body type

Classic massage techniques

The Bodyfriend Phantom chair analyzes your body to adapt perfectly to it and offers six different massage techniques, inspired by traditional techniques:

  • Kneading : Its modules produce deep movements that are adapted to muscle contractions.
  • tapping : The rotating device of its modules will create light pressure to relieve the back and shoulders from bottom to top. 
  • Acupressure : Its modules press from top to bottom to release muscle tension.  
  • Combined massage : This technique combines kneading and tapping for a double benefit.  
  • hand massage : Inspired by manual massage, this technique provides light pressure on the shoulders and back to relieve and relax.  
  • Air cushion massage : Our armchairs are equipped with several air cushions / intelligent cushions to massage specific parts of the body.  
  • Head rests : 3 different levels of headrest thickness in order to provide a massage adapted to everyone at the level of the neck and the head.  
  • Shoulders : Air cushion composed of 2 flaps at shoulder level, to provide an effective massage of the outer shoulder area.  
  • arms and hands : Air cushion in the arms and hands providing an acupressure massage divided into 3 different intensity zones.  
  • Waist, hips and buttocks : Air cushion to massage the waist, hips and gluteal muscles.  
  • Calves : The air cushions massage the calves. This improves blood circulation in the legs.

zero gravity

To make you discover the sensation of weightlessness and feel a deep sense of relief from weight and tension; our chairs recline 170°.

Massage XD Pro

Personalized massage system by analyzing the contours of the user's body

1. Fast and accurate body contour recognition
- The massage modules follow the contour of the body to recognize the exact location of the shoulders by detecting the
curves and pressures of the human body.
- Even in massage mode, you can adjust the position of the shoulders in real time.

2. Sophisticated and gentle massage
- High-performance sensors allow for a more sophisticated massage than the classic XD module.
- Precise recognition of body contours enables different massage techniques to be applied.


Chair specifications are subject to change without notice due to product improvements.

Model BFR-8060EU
Color White & brown
Duration of sessions 10, 20 or 30 minutes
Seat cover Synthetic leather
Power and frequency 220V, 60Hz
Inclination angle 130 ° ~ 170 °
Leg angle 0 ° ~ 70 °
Product weight 159,7 kg
Manufacturer Bodyfriend

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