Fauteuil de massage Agera XF
Fauteuil de massage Agera XF
Fauteuil de massage Agera XF
Fauteuil de massage Agera XF
Fauteuil de massage Agera XF

Agera XF massage chair

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Agera XF body scan
6 Agera XF main rollers
Full or partial massage Zero Gravity
body scan
6 main reels
Full or partial massage
Zero Gravity
for a feeling of lightness
Hand acupressure mat Mollet massage
Use with shoes
12 Auto massage modes
Hand acupressure mat
Mollet massage by airbags
For use with shoes
12 automatic massage modes

Agera XF offers you a simple and special daily life. Thanks to the reinforced calf massage, you can enjoy effective relaxation.  

massage technique

The armchair Act analyzes your body to adapt to it perfectly and proposes five different massage techniques, inspired by traditional techniques:
  • 6MATIC system The 6 modules massage the entire back and waist in depth.

  • S and L frameMassage following an S and L frame from the neck to the bottom of the body thanks to pressure rollers, perfectly adapted to the convexity of our body.

  • Elaborate air massageThe whole body is encapsulated with airbags. The Air massage reproduces the hand massage.

  • KneadingMassage balls come together then move apart to help relieve stiffness and severe muscle tightness.  
  • TappingThe tappings allow to relieve the shoulders and the back as a whole by light pressures from top to bottom.
  • Virtual Hands MassageThis massage technique provides pressure on the shoulders and back to relieve and relax.  
  • AcupressureMassage balls squeeze vertically from top to bottom to loosen muscles.
  • Combined MassageThis technique combines tapping and kneading for a double benefit.
  • Air cushion massageOur armchairs are equipped with several air cushions intelligent in order to precisely massage the parts of the body.
  • Head rests : it exists 3 different levels of headrest thickness, to provide a massage adapted to each person's neck and head.
  • ShouldersAn air cushion which is composed of 2 flaps at shoulder level for an effective massage of the shoulders.
  • arms and handsAir cushion on the arms and hands for an acupressure massage and which is divided into 3 zones of different intensity.
  • Waist, glutes and hips : Air cushion to massage the waist, gluteal muscles and hips.
  • CalvesThe air cushions massage the calves to improve blood circulation in the legs.

S&L technology

Our armchairs have a mobile massage system that adapts to the position of your body, forming an S at the back and an L at the seat.

zero gravity

A function allowing to make an angle tilt massage optimal, by reducing the feeling of weight.


Due to product improvements, theProduct specifications are subject to change without notice.

Model BFJ-7050EU
Inclination angle 126°~ 153°
Leg angle 0 ° ~ 85 °
Kneading speed 19~32 times per minute
Kneading width 6 ~ 20cm
tapping speed 188~650 times per minute
Food 230V
Rated current 200w
Power frequency 50 / 60Hz
airbags Shoulders / Arms / Buttocks / Legs
massage balls Back / Buttocks
Product weight 90 kg
Reclined chair dimensions (cm) 147(L) X 78(W) X 95(H)
Vertical chair dimensions (cm) 125(L) X 78(W) X 112(H)
Nom du produit Massage chair
Manufacturer Bodyfriend

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